[suggestion] Inmate Mental Health

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[suggestion] Inmate Mental Health

Postby LambdaCore27 » Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:24 pm

Taking care of prisoners is not an easy task. As well as physical health, many commit crimes because they are not mentally stable.

Everything said below can be enabled/disabled in the "create new prison" menu.

If inmates are:
- suppressed for a long period of time
- are in solitary for over 8 hours
- on death row
- witnessed a murder, espescially that of a visitor or staff member
- are in lockdown for over 16 hours
- have a high family need for a long period of time,
- have a high freedom need for a long period of time,
they have a chance of becoming "Sad" and start to walk slower. Some of their needs are stunted, and they become much less social, choosing to sit by themselves at the canteen, or wandering around the yard pointlessly.

Many inmates can recover from sadness if they have their needs satisfied, espescially those of Family and Freedom. Some will even recover with no help. If things don't get better for ~7-10 days for the inmate, they have a chance to become "Depressed", which is a much more extreme and dangerous version of sadness. Inmates who are depressed cannot recover from conventional means. They move more slowly and their face turns slightly greyer. They don't eat much at all and never work, choosing to stay in their cells most of the day. 1% of arriving inmates head to prison depressed. This raises to 2% if they have a sentence exceeding 20 years, 3% if theirs exceeds 50, and 15% if they are on Death Row. This can be changed in the Options menu.

Depressed inmates can enter "Depression CBT", which is ran by a Psychologist in a Common Room. One Psychologist can teach 12 inmates and the class lasts two hours. It lasts for four sessions, and passing rates depend on attendance, not understanding. Depressed inmates can choose to go themselves. If they don't, they are forced to by a Guard.

Depressed inmates have a small chance to commit suicide. It occurs when they are left alone in a cell without being watched for a few hours. Inmates have a 5% chance to succeed if they don't have any contraband. This raises to 10% if they have drugs, 15% if they have a knife or scissors, 20% if they have poison and 99% if they have a firearm. Inmates will be knocked unconscious if they fail. Successful suicides count as a death.

Suicidal inmates who fail a suicide attempt will be classified as a "Suicide Watch" inmate. Their jumpsuit is white. They have a 20% chance to attempt suicide every 2 days, after a cool-down period of 1 day-10 days. They can be treated by "Suicidal Therapy", in which they head to a Psychologist's office to have a one on one chat. It lasts for two hours. Success depends on attendance. They can also be sent to "Intensive Suicide Therapy", where they are sent to an Infirmary to be treated with antidepressants. This lasts one hour and has a lower success rate, but it gives the Psychologist more breathing room.

How you deal with Suicide Watch inmates is up to you. They will never attempt suicide if they are watched via CCTV or guard. They will only attempt if they are left alone for a long period of time. Here are some ideas:
- place them into a special wing (using "Suicide Watch" designation in Deployment, and watch them with CCTV)
- intensify security in their cell block
- designate them plenty of yard time and FreeTime (which helps them recover)
- Raise the quality of their cell (helps recovery)

When an inmate is cured, they are placed back into the general population with a new outlook in life.

This was a very blown up version of my idea, and if you have any suggestions, or know a way to improve/downsize the scope of the idea, please let me know. The devs deserve a break for V1!
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Re: [suggestion] Inmate Mental Health

Postby hppavilion1 » Thu Oct 08, 2015 12:58 am

LambdaCore27 wrote:Taking care of prisoners is not an easy task. As well as physical health, many commit crimes because they are not mentally stable.

This is a very well-thought-out idea (though the percentages will likely end up altered) and the post is well-crafted with few grammatical errors, AND adds a realistic and engaging mechanic to the game, AND adds a Death Row-like solemness/emotion-invoking feature to the game. As a bonus, given the existing code infrastructure they almost certainly have, they could most likely implement it pretty easily.

In short, I approve of this idea and vote that it be implemented.

I /would/ recommend that inmates who attempt suicide/become depressed:
  • Have an extremely heightened spirituality need after attempting suicide (they're REALLY going through some shit right now)
  • Can't be strictly "cured" (I've gone through a (prescription) drug-induced acute depressive episode, but nothing long-term, and that shit can /not/ be cured)
  • Remain at a heightened risk for depression for the remainder of their life (as that's how depression works, AFAICT)
I would also recommend that attempting suicide isn't just a percentage chance of dying, but that it actually is coded to be a self-attack, like fighting but with more damage and directed at one's self.

Oh, and users should be able to disable it. I'm not a huge fan of making things optional like this (don't want the menu too cluttered AND every option makes it exponentially harder to test), but this should be like death row: Not something we want to force players to go through.
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Re: [suggestion] Inmate Mental Health

Postby Mikeldiablo » Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:11 am

It should be, as you said, an option in the 'create new prison' screen labelled 'mental health'.
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Re: [suggestion] Inmate Mental Health

Postby lunaticneko » Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:45 am

hppavilion1 wrote:I would also recommend that attempting suicide isn't just a percentage chance of dying, but that it actually is coded to be a self-attack, like fighting but with more damage and directed at one's self.

I think the chance is "chance to trigger attempt" or some sort. Probably not a "chance to just drop dead."
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Re: [suggestion] Inmate Mental Health

Postby Brento666 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 12:36 am

Liking the ideas; I am modding a 'Sanity' need onto a sizable portion of new inmates in my wip mod. I have psychiatrists (not psychologists) assess every new inmate, after assessment if the prisoner has violent referral or a sanity need, they'll end up in various forms of mandatory and voluntary therapy; 1 on 1 and group therapies..
For the extreme cases; there's electroshock- and hypnotherapy. If that doesn't help perhaps a suitable though morally questionable surgical treatment could be authorized by the warden!
-I have created a toggle (a scripted 'door' that looks like a big stamper) to put on the warden's desk. You as a player can authorize or deny extreme treatments (like euthanasia for the terminally ill) with the toggle by opening or closing it.
Currently finalizing surgery and still need to balance my new needs and flesh out the overall management script.

What I can say about all your scenarios is that scripting that level of consequential decision making is very tricky!
-In my wip, I get contagious prisoners to visibly sneeze and transmit custom diseases to each other. But I do this all with 1 central script; I want to avoid tacking script onto all prisoners for performance reasons.
Many of the scenarios you sketch are partly driven by location properties, participation in programs, multiple need values, setting new needs, inventory items. It doesn't seem easy to script, or even possible to me, sadly.

Suicide was one of the things I was going to test later on; technically killing a prisoner with script isn't a challenge. But making it interesting as a gameplay feature would need some work. So I might not do this in my first release!

Are you going to try to script this, or throwing it in the idea pool btw?
edit: Just saw the title again, so I know it's as suggestion now...
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Re: [suggestion] Inmate Mental Health

Postby cram16phi » Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:41 am

This might be a good idea to add to the game. This game is constantly being updated, right?
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Re: [suggestion] Inmate Mental Health

Postby bobybojunior » Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:54 pm

cram16phi wrote:This might be a good idea to add to the game. This game is constantly being updated, right?

It's about once every month, so, it depends on your meaning of constant. For me at least, yeah.

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