Too much "false positive" for tunnels.

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Too much "false positive" for tunnels.

Postby Benmc70 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:35 am

Well, is it me (or one of my mods maybe ? but had this before even adding some mods) but i have a problem with tunnels, or more exactly false positive tunnel detection. I have a lot of canine patrols and see little yellow flags pop at a regular interval. And there isn't any begining of digging (seen into the savegame), my prisonners don't seem to want to break out (no freedom need curiously) and night shakedowns don't show anything.

Mods i'm currently using :
- Various Modification Mod (v 1.2)
- french translation
- better clock mod
- high efficiency power station
- working bookshelves
- CCTV camera arows
- Clearer Needs Icons

The only ione who can cause this problem i'm aware (but without it i had those false positives too) is the first in my list. Any idea ?
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Re: Too much "false positive" for tunnels.

Postby paule3000 » Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:21 pm

There really are a lot of false positives, which can be quite annoying.

It seems to be sufficient to not pay much attention to the background noise of single yellow flags but to go looking for tunnels when there are multiple flags in a small area.

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