Ai building behaviour

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Ai building behaviour

Postby steviebuk » Fri Jul 31, 2015 8:16 pm

Just noticed this on a large map with unlimited money.

Start a new map with those options. Then land down "paving stone" across the entire map. Hire 200 workers to do the work and sit back and watch them attempt this. They appear to do it in the most inefficient way. Scattering around the map randomly building bits of the "paving stone". They reach the bottom of the map then instead of carrying on the build from the bottom up, walk all the way to the top of the map again to fill in the missing parts but again missing bits. Again once reaching the bottom of the map walking all the way to the top again to fill in the gaps.

Appears to show the inefficient building model the AI is using.

I'm not expect, am I imaging this or is this a big flaw in the AI behaviour?
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Re: Ai building behaviour

Postby Pogmothoin » Fri Jul 31, 2015 8:40 pm

Pretty sure this is related to the road map bug for prioritising tasks on efficiency and location. It's well known that neither are done atm.
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Re: Ai building behaviour

Postby blackdwarf » Fri Jul 31, 2015 8:42 pm

Sometimes behavior that is reasonable at the typical scale of operation does not work well for very large scales of operation. And vice versa.

I've do doubt that the AI could be improved with (perhaps a lot) more effort. But don't judge its performance using a test that doesn't represent typical usage.

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