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[Suggestion] Socialization Need

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:24 am
by AdmiralObvious
I just thought of this recently after playing the game recently, since I have a VERY small amount of Protective Custody prisoners, that I have assigned to different portions of the prison, rather far away from each other.

Over the past few days of playing the game (and probably few months in game), I couldn't help but notice that the PC prisoners barely had any contact with any other prisoner whatsoever, since I make sure the prison is locked down before letting them loose in their respective sections.

I was thinking that the prisoners could develop a bad mood if unable to speak, or otherwise be with other people (guards can't count, because that would be a conflict of interest, right?). This would probably add slightly more depth to the PC section, and a possible concequence for complete segregation of the prison.