[Suggestion] Holding Cell Improvements

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[Suggestion] Holding Cell Improvements

Postby Delphinus » Thu May 28, 2015 7:29 pm

In the latest alpha release I created a prison where all prisoners are allocated to large holding cells filled with beds, communal toilets, etc. This worked alright when I only had one holding cell, but led to problems when I created the second one. What happens is that new prisoners are divided equally between the different holding cells. Over time, the number of prisoners in both holding cells balances out as prisoners are released / die in a higher ratio in the more populated one, but on initial entry the prisoner count is completely different.

For example, if I have 50 prisoners in the first holding cell and let another 50 in, I'll end up with 25 in one cell and 75 in the other. This didn't work out so well for my poor chefs, and it caused a big riot (see below for the drama). Having to allocate all the extra prisoners to the other cell by hand becomes a lot of work for both the player and the guards for large prisoner intakes.

With that in mind I'd like to suggest an improvement to holding cells: allocation ratios. When there are free cells, prisoners get allocated to them as usual, but when there are no more cells free, prisoners are assigned to the different holding cells based on ratios set by the player and with respect to prisoner security ratings. For example, in a prison like mine with two giant holding cells, each cell would hold 50% of the excess prisoners: when I take in 50 prisoners, they're all allocated to the free holding cell. Any further prisoners would be equally split between the two. In a prison with one small and one large holding cell, the ratio could be set to 20% to the small one, 80% to the large one.

It could also be possible to set a fixed maximum number of prisoners per holding cell -- the cell's 'capacity' if you will -- after which all additional prisoners will be sent to other holding cells. It would also allow for more variety in creating prisons; you could have prisons with fifty people to a 5x5 holding cell, or just add 'buddies' to existing cells to get around prison capacity (overcrowding).

It would also be a pretty good candidate for a Lawyer unlock, as its obvious main use is to create prisons which egregiously violate prisoner safety and rights.

This seems like it would be fairly simple to implement and would fix a lot of problems with (micro)managing prisons which feature a lot of holding cells.

The Drama:

At 3:07pm, the canteen was mutinous. Only half the prisoners had been fed, and Jeff, the notorious rabble-rouser, was going around shouting about the injustice of it all. Someone punched a cook. Someone bludgeoned a guard. And then they were in the kitchen. 'Knives all round!' shouted Jeff, as the prisoners seized anything sharp they could lay their hands on.

The guards barely had time to respond before the prisoners were at the door to the Warden's office. The door was off its hinges in seconds, and five -- maybe ten men jumped on the warden. By the time they were done, all that was left of his face was one nostril. The armed guards were coming, but not before the Accountant -- Enemy Number 2 in the eyes of the prisoners -- had been ripped apart by a dozen knives.

Then the real violence began. Three armed guards, told to fire at the troublemakers, fired blindly into the crowd of rioting prisoners. Some had the chance to surrender. Others were the victims of buckshot. All in all, 32 men lay dead in a puddle of blood by the end of the day -- but the riot was subdued. The CEO was livid. There was talk of criminal negligence.

'And to think,' said one industry commentator, 'all this could have been avoided if they'd just put the same number of prisoners in both cells!'
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Re: [Suggestion] Holding Cell Improvements

Postby boeli » Sat Jun 06, 2015 5:42 pm

i havent really encountered this myself with the cells themselves.. i did a few games where i built cellblocks each with eight holding cells with room for 16 prisoners each i think. it really worked well, each block had their own showers (which did tend to overcrowd) and their own kitchen, canteen, yard(where the balance was not well, most moved to the first shared yard created) and the same for the common room.
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Re: [Suggestion] Holding Cell Improvements

Postby Hecthor Doomhammer » Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:25 pm

Are you using only 1 type of prisoner (i.e. med sec only) or mix sec?

I suggest if you do mix sec, you separate them (in DEPLOYMENT) and this way you could have 5 or 6 (if you use Death Row) Holding Cells, and just keep track of intake and how you wish to separate prisoners (based on reputations) and that way it should work just fine

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