(suggestion) engineer, snipers, gangs and helicopter

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(suggestion) engineer, snipers, gangs and helicopter

Postby cots » Fri May 15, 2015 9:07 pm

Hi , I loved the game, and I would like to give my opinion about things that could be added in the next update . I will enumerate my ideas below:

1) a new system administrator , the civil engineer, who has the ability to unlock things related to the construction of the prison , for example, the construction of a second floor , new types of wall, a mechanism to detect walls , buildings Fire fighting etc.

2) snipers. that armed guards are trained to become snipers. Snipers may be placed in watchtowers , and being shot at the prisoners that are being revealed and have the sniper scope , always free fire when activated . they will use sniper rifles, but may also be trained to use rifles with darts that do not kill prisoners ( fainting ) but with the same powerful than regular rifles , though, will have less hotness of fire ( but a little chew the tazzers ) .
( Also they serve for the next concept) . (They will also be able to detect attacks idea 3)

3) The criminal gangs and mafias. Some prisoners (especially maximum security ) belong to gangs, which attempted to free their members from time to time . a group of gang members appear in one of the boundaries of the map and attack the gates and guards to reach his friend and tried to leave.
depending on the size of the gang or mafia will be the number of members to attack and their weapons , if it is a big mafia could come up with guns. ( these prisoners could be in another category of security). They may also form gangs inside the prison , (which may even fight each other) and there will be a program to disarm.

4) a helicopter . the helicopter will be purchased as an object and must be placed on a helipad and serve to patrol from the air, to place snipers ( idea 2 ) to shoot from there and to place guards can leave the helicopter through a rope if you it is necessary to solve a problem . The helicopter also be expensive to maintain (petrol , will be needed ) and must return to the helipad to be full of gasoline. also require a pilot must be trained. Helicopters limit is defined by the number of prisoners and the bureaucracy.

I wish the developers of the game saw this and take all the ideas you can and put them in the game.
Thanks for reading this publication. :D :D :D
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Re: (suggestion) engineer, snipers, gangs and helicopter

Postby Zombi3HeroBrin3 » Sun May 17, 2015 2:15 am

great ideas! :D i wanna see this
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Re: (suggestion) engineer, snipers, gangs and helicopter

Postby james122004 » Thu May 28, 2015 3:09 pm

I like ideas 2,3,4

Idea 1 wouldn't be required too much, cause there isn't any different between walls/foundations,
only differences between fence and perimiter wall,
the 2nd floor idea i see never happening, maybe in a prison architect 2, who knows,

Idea 4 With The helicopter would be a nice feature, like out of the Last Castle Movie, that can shoot tear gas,
and the other option of water cannon truck. would be nice to thawt mass riots in yards,
but it would require a garage for maintance and roads to the different yards to allow movement for the water cannon,
and also require a big water pipe close to use for its water supply.

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