Fire Drill as the Opposite of Bang Up?

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Fire Drill as the Opposite of Bang Up?

Postby SonofSuperJoe » Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:04 pm

So I was thinking that, as one of the possible functions the player might reasonably have as the person who runs a prison that would make sense, and as a way to at least temporarily solve the classic "These prisoners won't leave the canteen when it's on fire" bug that was advertised in the original alpha video for now, would be to have another mass callout action, similar to Bangup or Lockdown - The Fire Drill.

It tells all willing AIs to head out to the nearest Yard, and could theoretically be used for other purposes too, but the obvious primary function would be to get your staff and prisoners out of the way of fires (except perhaps for those that might be fighting against them or panicking?) so you could get the Firemen there and control them without having to worry so much about other micromanagement of your jail at the same time.

I dunno, it's an idea any way.
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Re: Fire Drill as the Opposite of Bang Up?

Postby beanjo55 » Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:24 pm

I think this may be a good idea, I once got charged for criminal negligence because too many prisoners died in a fire because they just sat there.
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Re: Fire Drill as the Opposite of Bang Up?

Postby rsdworker » Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:26 pm

could be ideal - fire alarm - either automatic (detected by smoke detectors) or manual activation on fire alarm break boxes/pull stations or player clicks on fire drill button - prisoners would go to nearest exit (normal or emergency exit) - if power goes out - prisoners can get lost unless emergency lighting to guide them out in heavy smoke or guided by guards to safety

emergency fire cabinets would allow guards fight fire if can but also prisoners can fight fire if no guards or guard is knocked out

fire doors - extra layer to protect sections - like normal doors
emergency exit door - this only opens from inside (prisoners can unlock this door from inside or guards can unlock in both directions)
secure emergency exit door - simllar to above but prisoner has to break or pull the emergency release box/pull station (guards has to radio in to unlock from outside to buzz in)
secure lock servo - simllar to servo but locks and only releases when prisoner or guard or worker or anyone arrives at door and relocks after they passed through
smoke detectors - detects fire nearby and sends signal to section unit (if has one) then to Main box
break boxes/pull stations - those work with fire alarm system
section alarm unit - this holds info for sections (useful for seprate sections that player don't want affect other section)
Main alarm unit - this oversees all sections and automaticlly summons firefighter to prison and sounds alarm in all over or in affected section
Emergency exit signs and lighting - those will guide people to safety

Assembly point (muster station) zones - a safety place for prisoners to wait

tweaks to walls and items

Brick walls - more than 5 hours the walls would start break down easily
fire proof walls - gives more time to prevent spread of fire - 6 hours
Concrete walls - more than 5 hours the walls would show signs of damage but not break down easily

Normal doors - 15 minutes
Fire doors - up to 2 hours depending rating of doors
Steel doors - up to 5 hours or more


Tiles - 15 minutes burn time
wood - 15 minutes burn time
concrete/stone floor - no burn time but leaves a damage on
steel - 30 minute burn time

items - equipment etc
around 15 minutes burn time

fire sprinklers - connected with fire sprinker system (separate water pipe connects to water tank)
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Re: Fire Drill as the Opposite of Bang Up?

Postby lunaticneko » Mon Jan 26, 2015 7:24 am

All these points about fire prevention and firefighting are good.

May I suggest that:
- Fire drills annoy prisoners
- Prisoners take quite a number of drills to be properly drilled
- Prisoners may actually try to escape during a fire or a fire drill
- Forensics can later be hired to determine the cause of fire, so player knows what happened. (There's a similar suggestion that autopsy can be performed in the morgue to determine the cause of death) Electrical fire (generator overheat?), ordinary fire (wood in workshop or paper in office), oil fire (molotov?!), was it intentional (arson) or accidental, etc.

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