[suggestion] Player rewards - Edward-style stories with art

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[suggestion] Player rewards - Edward-style stories with art

Postby keanzu » Fri Jan 09, 2015 5:41 am

Have a special prisoner arrive who has two exit stories. One light and one dark. Based on the prison experience he either emerges from prison reformed or as a menace to society. Upon his exit from my prison I get a little story like Edward's that the game opened with for this prisoner, either light or dark. Maybe a short death story too.

Light: Prisoner leaves with carpentry skills, and a 10% chance of re-offending - cartoon shows him working happily at a building site.
Dark: Prisoner leaves a drug ridden prison - he becomes a drug addict and re-offends, bouncing from one prison to the next.

Not just one prisoner but a lot of them. Say 16.
4x minsec
4x medsec
4x maxsec
2x supermax
2x staff

each with their own story pair and one common death story. I get a page to collect the stories:
where I can see my progress and rewatch them. Then when I have collected them all there's an endgame sequence with an overall light or dark story ending for the prison as a whole. I can keep playing after this point if I want.

To collect the full set of stories and see the endgame/credits roll I'll need a full prison with every level of security and I'll have to run it two different ways to see both endings and the different story variants for each prisoner. The little stories form a reward system to keep me entertained. It is also more engaging to see the prisoners as people. Right now the only prisoner that has made any impression on me is Edward Romsey. The rest are just an income stream.

Work required:
16 light/dark variants = 32
1 common death story = 1
3 engame stories light/dark/medium = 1

36 stories in total, perhaps 5 pieces of art for each one. So 180 unique pieces.

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