[Suggestion]New take on Multiplayer

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[Suggestion]New take on Multiplayer

Postby PC-2011 » Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:03 am

So I recently had an idea for multiplayer after having the game for over a year and some. First I would like to say that I love this game and that many people have suggested ideas for multiplayer that have nothing to do with the of the games design.

Server implementation
The design would be simple there would be a server setup so users could run it on any computer much like minecraft is a standalone file. The server would simulate the world and everything in it. Clients would connect using the IP address of the server. When the server is started the admin or who ever is starting it would enter the password users would use to login to the server

Client implementation
The clients would connect using and IP address. Then be prompted to enter a Username they can write anything in here and the password from when the server is started up. There would be 3 levels of users in the game. First is Warden he would be like an admin. Second would be people like architects, chief of security, operations manager, and others as we see fit(Explations of users permissions below). Third level would be visitors to watch you build you prison they would not need the password to watch.

Client gameplay
After they enter the password and username the warden would assign them to groups of permissions. Example:Billy joins and the warden assigns Billy the permissions of architect and operations manager. Meaning that Billy could build or place objects plus configure cooks and janitors. Then say John joins and the warden gives him permissions of chief of security and he can manage guards and punishments. Last the warden would have compete control over ever aspect of the game such as he can build, place objects configure guards, change punishments and so on.

Groups and there permissions
      a. All the access you have now
      b. Configure how much money each department gets on the payouts
      a. Build foundations
      b. Place objects
      c. Hire workmen
    3. Chief of Security
      a. Configure deployments
      b. Hire guards, dogs, arms guards
      c. Change zoning and rooms
      d. Change punishments
      e. (optional) Assign prisons to cells so the architect or change a part of the prison[this could be automated]
    4. Operations Manager
      a. Hire janitors, gardeners, cooks, doctors and psychologist
      b. Add the feature of zoning where each janitor/gardener/cook can work
      c. Schedule reform sessions such as cooking, carpentry or mental help
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Re: [Suggestion]New take on Multiplayer

Postby theweef01 » Sun Dec 28, 2014 5:13 am

IV stated there is no multiplayer to be coming.
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Re: [Suggestion]New take on Multiplayer

Postby blipadouzi » Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:59 pm

Here's the official response

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Re: [Suggestion]New take on Multiplayer

Postby PC-2011 » Sun Dec 28, 2014 3:17 pm

Thanks for posting that I guess I never watched that video. Now I know not to bring up this again.

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