[suggestion] Prisoner types and event

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[suggestion] Prisoner types and event

Postby jomarcenter » Sat Dec 27, 2014 10:48 am

This is based on real life situation here in my country. But here is my suggestion for the game.

Temporary Prisoner leaves:
An event that cause a prisoner to leave temporary in a prison escorted out of the prison like "hospital arrest", "house arrest", "parole", "community services", etc..., And will be transfer via a "transfer bus".

Prisoner transfer:
If a court decides to transfer a prisoner from one place to another the prison should have a new place to put in a "transfer bus". Great for online features if you guys have plans to do so.

High tier prisoner:
Government official prisoner - just like it's said government official as a prisoner. Well its possible. Ex. If a senator found guilty of corruption and court decide to put him/her in a prison. You can build a special isolated room where the special prisoner will be located.

Special Prison events:
Based on the Cebu's Dancing inmate - (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhIt1sgY2fY) The prisoner can have special event like dance-off, Christmas gathering, etc... And can only happened if a special moment have happened (ex. Media popularity, etc) . thus improving profitability if the prison is temporary open to the public to see such event.
(note: the video I provided is from a news reel I check on youtube, and also it happened in a actual prison with actual prisoners.)

Is just my suggestion to make the game look like an actual real world prison.
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Re: [suggestion] Prisoner types and event

Postby jamtarts » Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:52 pm

I didn't want to make a new post for prisoner transfer but prisoners being transferred is used as a punishment. I'm running a Cat B & C prison (or minimum and normal security for non UK) with a small protective custody wing. I have Cat A/max sec prisoners now because they've been misbehaving and murdering fellow inmates.

Now what'd happen in the HMP system is those prisoners would get put into segregation and then shipped off to a higher security prison.

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