[EXPLOIT] Risk category trick

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Re: [EXPLOIT] Risk category trick

Postby lunaticneko » Wed Dec 24, 2014 1:55 pm

Suggestion: Introduce the Correctional Inspector character.

This man cannot be hired. He comes to your prison every few days (with a few armed officers from ... say, Ministry of Corrections) to check your prison for issues. It could be cleanliness, security, regime balance (too much free time, too much lockdown, etc.), overcrowding status, prisoner classification, and so on. His job is to inspect that you are treating the prisoners in an acceptable environment and provide you with advice, and maybe a few quests. If he finds a problem he will warn you. Repeated warnings may result in fines or reduction of prisoner income depending on how much you deviate from acceptable standards.

Back to the topic. This means if you set prisoner classification too high, too low, or there's no standard in classification (e.g. shoplifter and mass murderer assigned to same class right away) the inspector will warn you that "According to his crimes and his nature in prison, we believe this prisoner belongs to MinSec. You may wish to reconsider your classification as the Ministry will pay only according to his actual classification, not which security level you administratively assign him to."
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Re: [EXPLOIT] Risk category trick

Postby kalkkuna » Sat Dec 27, 2014 9:21 am

As this game is about private prison, there should be external inspector. Money come from tax payers. Tax payers want to know that money is spend vise.

Inspector solve money issue and add many (but funny) realistic elements to game. You can still rule your prison you like, but someone is watching you.

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