[suggestion] entity deployment (combined)

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[suggestion] entity deployment (combined)

Postby Reeferken » Sat Dec 13, 2014 8:10 am

Since this is a much requested and hoped for feature i though i would combine them into 1 post

(maybe Rgeezy or another admin could sticky some of the combined and much requested topics so they don't reappear every month? Would also group all info on said subject (ex. Deployment, advanced zoning, guard towers, gangs,...)

So... Much of us want an advanced way of deploying entities as to not waste resources (ex. Guards patrolling the canteen at night).
Much of this is combined from other posts but some personal preference might have slipped in.

1 shedule deployment by hours or better half hours
2 assing entities to set deployment
3 assing parameters to set deployment

4 more options on how to segregate areas

1 shedule deployment by half hour timeslots
When clicking on a room or patrol a timeslot should appear. In this timeslot one can create segments of deployment (ex. 7.30-9.30). These time slots have to be named as overlapping might join them and create undesired results (ex. Slot 1, Slot 2, Night time cleaning 1,...)
Taking into account you might change the routine but forget deployments... It should also allow us to assing a deployment to a given activity (ex. Max-sec eating, as the door timers do)
Personally the reason for half hour slots is to allow more control but also to ensure guards are on post before inmates start showing up. This is linked to the request for more control in the routine overview. However this could be handled by the AI making sure all entities arrive well before.

2 assing entities to deployment slots
When clicking on a slot a list of entities should appear, allowing us to to add one or multiple entity types (ex. 3 guards, 2 armed guards, 1 dog handler OR 2 janitors, 1 armed guard OR...)
My personal vision on this would be to have a roster box or list where you drag in entities (generic ones) rather than a +- option next to a list of entity types... This becomes clear in the next point.

3 Assigning parameters to said deployment
When clicking on the deployment slot or an entity in said deployment slot a list of parameters should appear alongside allowing us to select certain parameters for this deployment or entity.
Parameters being: free fire on, only guards with armor, only guards without armor, only guards with sensitivity training, only trigger happy clint eastwood badass guards,...
Preferably this should be on a per entity assigned basis. (1 armed guard with armor, 1 without (for speed), 1 with a gas canister,...) as mentioned earlier.

The AI could then work out when an entity is needed, make sure the entity is fully rested before commencing, has the necessary requirements (trainings) and visits the armory as to get the required gear.
If the slot is to long either a replacement should arrive beforehand, a notification on the deployment screen should appear or just limit the deployment blocks to the max an entity can work in 1 stretch)
When an entity is sheduled to work that area (ex. janitors) the AI should refrain from assiging tasks in that area outside of the deployment shedule.

4 more options on how to segregate areas
When selecting a zone an option menu should appear with the possibility to select which types of entities are allowed inside, hopefully with an added timeslot designation
Entities: guards, staff, visitors, min sec,...
My personal view on this would be a list of all possible entities, after selecting one a timebar appears as to when they are allowed inside and when not. Different groups can overlap. (i have no clue how to properly present this on the overview)

Changed name to resemble entities and not just guards
Added info on the other deployment needs requests (nr 4)
Some of the other posts regarding this

*This was written on the sunny beaches of Palolem, Goa in India*
*Does anyone have the skills and time to design some screens as to how it should look?*

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