[Suggestion] - New reputations

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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby Wighty76 » Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:45 am

Wighty76 wrote:Staff Rep
-Dirty: For Guards: Doesn't report contraband found. Workmen: Makes tunnels look repaired instead of actually repairing them. Doctors: Higher importing of drugs. Cooks: Higher importing of weapons. Trait can only be discovered through Informants.

Prisoners Reps
-Repentant: Higher % to pass programs and increases others' % who attend the program with them.
-Macgyver: Increase weapon contraband, especially those that don't set off metal detectors.
-Child Killer/Rapist: Instantly marked for death

After some consideration, the whole Child Killer is more crime committed instead of trait. So I'd change it to Notorious - Prisoners with very high-profile crimes (think Jeffery Dahmer). Often, notorious prisoners become targets by other prisoners to increase their reputation within the prison.
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby lunaticneko » Mon Dec 22, 2014 7:19 am

Gikgik wrote:Slob: Hygiene, clothing and environment do not affect mood. Does not shower or change clothes, unless forced by regime, or really dirty. Prone to urinate or defecate outside toilet. Useless in Cleaning and Laundry.
Glutton: Eats more. Mood varies strongly with hunger. Good at cooking.
Lazy: Needs more sleep. Always moves and works as if suppressed.

I wish to add to those traits:

Slob: may also get extremely dirty and irritate other prisoners. Maybe we can dilute their trait a little by putting them through Kitchen class, because we put them through a lesson that emphasizes in cleanliness itself. Or, they will simply horribly fail, I don't know. Worse, they don't flush and end up flooding the whole cell block with brown matter :D
Glutton: prone to and more skilled at finding & sneaking food contraband (luxury?)
Lazy: doesn't get suppressed or punished that much when locked in cell. Less security score from these prisoners.

And the Child Killer may be marked in the prisoner's rap sheet instead. Trait view will simply contain "Moral Warning: Nature of this prisoner's crime makes him a target. Check rap sheet for details." This should also work with other crimes related to children, animal abuse, racism, unprovoked murder, human trafficking, etc.
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby Robbedem » Mon Dec 22, 2014 7:20 pm

mysophobia: hygiene need of the prisoner rises more rapidly, especially when searched by a guard.
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby dekkerss » Sat Dec 27, 2014 10:24 am

I agree more traits should be added to the game, but careful consideration is needed!

This thread is on right track by identifying and defining possible traits that could make PA more interesting in the mid/end game, so keep it going!

- Dex
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby Firefitter » Sun Dec 28, 2014 3:35 pm

I like this idea as well..

I find the current reputations to be very repetitive..

Expantion of the reputation system, whatever they are, would be very welcome!
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby Generalcamo » Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:13 am

Here's a few:
Gunman: Most prisoners pick up a gun.. and have no idea how to use it or use it poorly. These guys however often have training to use a gun, making them far more deadly when they get their hands on one. These are more likely to occur in ex-law enforcement due to the nature of that job. Expert Gunman could potentially kill National Guard.. but they are usually outnumbered.
Leader: Riots are annoying, but they are usually marred by a lack of organization. Leaders however will change this. They are more effective at starting riots, and can additionally boss others around effectively. Suddenly an unorganized riot could be directed right at your armoury to give the gunman a chance at fighting. Expert Leaders will always be listened to, even crossing gang boundaries and prisoner in-fighting.
Observer: These look like innocent prisoners, but they are always watching. They are more likely to discover confidential informants and other bad traits. On the other hand, when turned into confidential informants, they provide more information than normal.
Liar: If these guys are turned into confidential informants, the information they give may be false. Expert Liars can even lie about their needs.. but not completely.
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby SonofSuperJoe » Sat Jan 31, 2015 1:35 am

Reps are certainly one of those things that's in the game right now that needs an expansion before it really feels "complete". Right now almost all of the Reps are related entirely to violence and fighting ability.

Seems like there definitely need to be new reps and a lot of what's in this thread is really quite solid. I'd add a few more myself now that Alpha 29 is here (and its new rooms):

EDUCATED - Starts with both Foundational and General Education certifications (so they can work in Library immediately), but has Literacy Need and it grows at double the rate. Much higher chance to appear on low risk prisoners, lower chance with normal risk cons, and low chance with high risk prisoners.
ZEALOT - Has Spirituality need that grows at double the rate of other cons, and "Calming Effect" from sermons will not affect behavior.
FAMILY MAN - Has Family need grow at double the rate, but freedom need grows at half.
CULT LEADER - Lowers spirituality need of prisoners around them, but raises the chance that they'll kick off whenever his influence fills their need to zero.
BRIGHT - Has Foundational Education certification, and higher chance to succeed at any reform program lesson. But also has a higher chance to evade detection on searches by guards.
DIM - Much lower chance to succeed at reform program lessons, but will always be found out if searched.
PENITENT - High spirituality need growth rate, but very low chance of re-offending.
CHARISMATIC - Lower chance of both guards or prisoners attacking them, and has general calming effect around other prisoners. However, if attacked other prisoners will join in to defend them.

Also, I highly support the WEAK trait, of a prisoner having half health, as well as SUICIDAL.
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby Gikgik » Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:25 pm

* Insomniac: Very low need to sleep. Tends to be awake at night, doing mischief.
* Neurotic: High need for Safety, Privacy, and/or Environment.
* Hyperactive: High need for Exercise, Recreation and/or Freedom.
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby Gikgik » Thu Jun 11, 2015 6:50 pm

Trickster: Invisible reputation, which shows up as some other reputation.
Activist: Can organize strikes and sit-ins, if conditions are poor.
Enforcer: Seeks out snitches and ex-cops directly. For balance, other prisoners can be less motivated to do so.
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby Gikgik » Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:46 am

Bully: When he really wants an object used by another prisoner (phone, weight machine, etc) he demands it. The other prisoner can let go, or refuse (which would start a fight). This trait would make equipment shortage more of a security risk.

It could be expanded to a "pecking order" where the bullies take what they need from the "punks".
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby bnarmz » Thu Jun 18, 2015 7:01 pm

These are some great traits...
I'll add:
Whiner: complains about everything and annoys everyone
Spiritualist: promotes positive attitudes within other inmates
Sneaky: A very clever loner that is always trying to steal something or planning his escape
Wimpy: easy to beat up but is very fast and elusive (sometimes).
Chemist: can turn anything (even food) into contraband
Destructive: tries to break everything he gets his hands on
loony: always running around and often seen annoying other prisoners. He can either be strong or a weakling.

I welcome more reputations...the game would be that much more interesting when having to deal with various personalities.
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby AdmiralObvious » Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:26 am

Thought of a few today.

Phobia of dogs: Scared of dogs, and the prisoner will make every attempt to avoid one. If sniffed by a dog, the prisoner may act unpredictability, from running away (counting as an escape attempt), to attacking another prisoner, or the dog itself.

Insecure: Doesn't feel safe near other prisoners, especially in the shower, or on the toilet. Increases chance to become a snitch, and generates a need for safety when in the shower, or are in close proximity to other prisoners when using a toilet.

Phobia of needles: Increases chance to become a snitch, prisoner may report the location of needles within the cell block he is in, even if not a CI. As a result, he is scared of doctors, and will deny treatment, unless he is unconscious. Will either attempt to "escape" from doctors carrying needles, or may attack the doctor when cornered, especially while in the medical ward.

Photophobic: Doesn't like bright light, will increase the rate of environment need while in a bright area, this includes lights around the prison. Generally doesn't like to be in the yard, and is volatile while in it.
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby Mikeldiablo » Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:58 am

lugaru wrote:Here are some I had suggested in a similar thread, nothing as fun as Rectally Gifted but still hopefully some good stuff.

Thief: Super high chances of lifting contraband from rooms and fooling metal detectors and guards. Will sometimes become 'marked' for violence if caught stealing from a prisoner.

Pyro: This prisoner will eventually steal a lighter or find other means to create a fire. Once discovered it is very likely they will go into Supermax given that they can destroy a prison.

Procurer: This prisoner trades contraband and usually stays under the radar. Also guards tend to ignore them unless they try to escape since they are masters at bribing and blackmail.

Escape Artist: Digs faster and moves faster in tunnels (returning to their cell during shakedowns). Also during a riot they will damage doors faster.

Handicapped: This prisoner simply moves at about 75% the speed of other prisoners. Very few prisoners come in handicapped, but there is a small chance somebody severely injured will become handicapped.

Deranged: This prisoner will very often ignore needs like sleep, family, food or hygiene. It takes a lot of suppression to keep them in line and when they are also stoic they become a liability.

Reprehensible: This prisoner committed a crime on the outside world that makes them a target to both prisoners and guards.

Developmental Disability: Very poor comprehension during programs. Delayed reaction to the schedule.

Perhaps in the case of Pyromaniac, the description should be 'Some people want to watch the world burn. This man is one of them.' Also, handicapped should take different forms. For example, one arm/leg, paraplegic, quadriplegic, etc.
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Re: [Suggestion] - New reputations

Postby Gikgik » Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:45 am

Diligent: Works hard, but also completes illegal activities faster.

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