[Suggestion] Change Auto Zone Designation

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[Suggestion] Change Auto Zone Designation

Postby Pingy » Sat Oct 18, 2014 6:47 pm

Under the deployment menu outside of your prison is automatically designated as shared and you are unable to change it. This means unless there is a staff only area between your prisoners and the outside of the prison, your guards will happily stroll over and open the jail door for the prisoners so they can escape, or let them sit right next to an exterior door so that when it is opened by/for someone else they can get out. This is especially annoying when combined with the next automatic zone designation.

Once you have designated a zone, something as simple as adding/removing a door, changing a wall, basically anything that changes the area of the zone, will automatically change your zone designation to shared without any notification. This is compounded by the exterior of the prison being shared, as accidentally ruining a staff only area between your prisoners and the outside will allow them to just stroll outside without any interference from the guards and escape.

I suggest making the outside area of the prison automatically set to staff only and have any areas inadvertently exposed to the outside of the prison switch to staff only rather than to shared. Also if a zone is changed rather than having it switch to shared make it stay as whatever the majority of the area was before the zone areas changed.

Another good thing to do is add a "security breach" notification whenever a zone is automatically changed just like with escapes or deaths so you can go to the deployment menu, see what the problem is, and correct it before a guard lets a prisoner take a stroll outside.

You could also allow players to designate zones independently of walls and doors which would persist regardless of what was added or removed during construction (however this particular solution is something that has been suggested elsewhere.)
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Re: [Suggestion] Change Auto Zone Designation

Postby VoiD88 » Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:46 am

Prisoners who aren't already in the middle of an escape attempt or have been released will not try to go into the "outside" zone of the map (at least they never did in all my prisons since Alpha 5 :P). On the other hand, a staff-only zone will not stop prisoners who try to escape, so it's really irrelevant if the zones leading to the outside are staff-only or not.
However, I do agree that some sort of warning should take place when security assignments get changed due to construction.

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