+30 guards die on a daily basis

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Re: +30 guards die on a daily basis

Postby Drakexz » Sat Oct 11, 2014 8:50 pm

Currently i got 2 legendary prisoners in my prison.

One of them is now an informant and the other one is locked for quite some time in the solitary, hopefully he starves to death.

Besides this, i got only max security prisoners. Im not taking any lower ones and im also not upgrading them to any higher security level or to protective custody. (260 cells / 256 prisoners)
They can all go to any place they want in their area and all are allowed to work (4 workshops, 2 laundry, 2 cleaning, 1 kitchen). So far it works pretty well. Not too many deaths (besides snitches who are useless anyways) and no riot so far. Only a few smaller fights every now and then. But the guards can handle it pretty quick.

I'd like to create a prison with separate areas for the different security levels (especially for protective custody) but the staff is just too supid and not effective enough. If this gets fixed or if Introversion lets us station staff (besides guards) in certain areas i won't try it.
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Re: +30 guards die on a daily basis

Postby xPyr0x » Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:04 am

Yes I'd like to build more than 1 kitchen and canteen without the cooks going crazy. The problem I run into with having all 1 category, is that #1 fights break out with 300 dudes in the canteen, and #2 there's usually not enough food to feed them all at once.

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