[Suggestion] Advanced escape tunnels

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[Suggestion] Advanced escape tunnels

Postby Jinxed » Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:02 pm


In separate thread (viewtopic.php?f=43&t=50468) the current escape system was discussed and was deemed to be highly illogical.
Therefore, based on community suggestions regarding this matter, I suggest to overhaul the escape system and here is my vision how it should work.

1) Any prisoner is able to dig tunnels
2) Prisoner's chance of starting digging the tunnel determined by both his unhapiness and remaining sentence.

if X<10 then Y=0.2
if 10<X<50 then Y=0.5
if X>50 then Y=8


Where X is remaining years in prisoner's sentence;
Y is escape factor;
B is freedom need.

We got a prisoner Bob with extremelly unsatisfied (80%) need for freedom and with 3 years left to rot in prison.
3<10 then Y=0.2

Bob have a 16% chance of having dark thoughts about escaping.
He have a very little of his sentence left, but Bob is extremelly unhappy in prison.

And we got a prisoner Willy with satisfied (5%) need for freedom and three life sentences for tripple murder.
300>50 then Y=8

Willy have a 40% chance to initiate the digging.
Even though he is relatively happy, he is not kind of the idea to spend his whole life in your prison.

Those numbers are for example only and should be (obviously) tweaked.
3) Following traits to have following bonuses for digging:
Clever - able to craft a dummy and place it in bed while digging.
Fraud - able to craft a dummy and place it in bed while digging.
Destructive - +25% digging speed
Controlling - +25% digging speed
4) If prisoners are uniting their workforce, then *WHOLE* group of conspirators will receive the bonuses from traits inside of the group.
Prisoner Bob was in min-sec and was generated with Clever trait. But Bob was on bad side of Warden and was transfered to Max-sec.
In Max-sec Bob was put in cell between prisoner's Willy's cell and prisoner's Max cell. Willy was not happy with being locked in cell for whole day long and decided to escape.
Max and Bob joined him in his efforts.

We will call those folks as Escape Team for shorter reference.
Bob have Clever trait, as mentioned before. It means that whole Escape Team will be able to place dummies while digging.
Willy have Destructive trait. It means that whole Escape Team will receive a digging speed bonus.
Max have Sexual trait and brings pretty much nothing to the cause, but still participates in Esccape Team and receives all the bonuses from Bob's and Willy's traits.
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Re: [Suggestion] Advanced escape tunnels

Postby Xaviien » Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:17 am

I definitely agree with the idea that the formula should be more complicated than it is currently to help reduce the chance of break out attempts by low-sec prisoners.
Jinxed wrote:if X<10 then Y=0.2
if 10<X<50 then Y=0.5
if X>50 then Y=8

These numbers definitely need some tweaking, especially since someone that has there freedom need met is far too likely to try and escape just due to the fact that they have a long sentence.

Other than that, I really like your idea and how much effort you put into fleshing it out.
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Re: [Suggestion] Advanced escape tunnels

Postby Stroomschok » Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:19 pm

While the numbers probably need tweaking for playablity, I think it'd be a major improvement over the current rather simplistic mechanic.
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Re: [Suggestion] Advanced escape tunnels

Postby McLumberjack » Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:28 pm

Another thing that I'd like to see is prisoners trying to escape by tunnelling to something other than the edge.

Like, for instance, somewhere with guns. Imagine if in the middle of the day, three inmates armed with improvised clubs bust out of the ground next to your armoury and start beating on the door.

Or perhaps they'd go for the power room or water pump in the hopes of starting a riot, maybe they'd go for door controls, or make a tunnel that isn't to escape at all: breaking into protective custody to get at those tasty snitches.

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