Suggestion: Rap Sheet

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Suggestion: Rap Sheet

Postby Dybing » Sun Oct 05, 2014 7:16 am

Some of my inmates unfortunately seem to be very insistent upon doing wrong. Be it getting hold of weapons every other day or just have a connection to get drugs for some fun times.

Either way, having a list of infractions an inmate have done whilst under the very considerate care of my prison would be helpful. A humane institution for the betterment of those not inclined to do good until my dogs bark at them - or armed guards make them think twice.

As a responsible Warden, it would be great if I had a complete record of all the wrongdoings my inmates have done whilst under my care. It would help immensely when deciding if one should belong in a higher security regime than whatever is current for the particular prisoner.

An inmate in low or medium security caught 3-4 times with a weapon, hmmm... But since I do not have that good a memory or keep extra records, it is hard to identify such an inmate and give him residence in the max wing of my piece of correctional heaven :)

Also, perhaps the Psychologist could suggest someone under his care to be better off under a lower security regime?
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Re: Suggestion: Rap Sheet

Postby Sperber » Sun Oct 05, 2014 11:35 am

I second that notion. Recently I found myself in the situation that I had 7 free max sec cells and 2 normal sec. I wanted to downgrade 1 or 2 prisoners so that I could receive a whole new batch of max sec. Unfortunately it took a very long time to inspect every max sec prisoner manually until I found the right ones.

A quick overview somewhere in the ledger (the prisoner tab for example), could help.
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Re: Suggestion: Rap Sheet

Postby Jinxed » Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:06 pm

Actually, we need more detailed reports on any incidents.

After the fight the player needs to manually search through prisoners to find out who murdered his favored guard.
It would be nice to have the tab "Incident report" in paperclip as well with list of who did what wrong during the day, during the week and during the whole time in prison.
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Re: Suggestion: Rap Sheet

Postby xPyr0x » Sun Oct 05, 2014 8:58 pm

Open your save file and look at merely the contraband log, it makes the file so huge, it lags like crap. If they make a permanent list the game will be screwed after you've played for like a week or less, even if you got a nasa computer.
Not to mention it adds to the prisoner log for the crimes they committed, this could be consolidated into x amount of y crime offense(s) instead of a adding more lines of code.

So instead of looking at murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, you could just put "10 counts of murder" 1 line.

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