Laundry problem

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Laundry problem

Postby bolesting » Thu Oct 02, 2014 7:20 pm

In last few builds laundry doesent work for me at all, especialy build 25. What Im doing wrong? I create many prisons for hope to laundry start to working but with no luck! Before I start taking inmates i build few cell blocks and prisoner needs. Janitor should take clothes in cells but they dont do it, they put laudry basket in hall and leave it there, never put uniforms on bed. In build 24 they put uniforms on about 30% beds but thats all, they suddenly stop doing that. In build 25 I dont have uniform at beds at all. I was hope that prisoners will do job when they come and put every prisoner to work at laundry but they still dont take uniforms in cells. Can someone please give me some advice? Is there a problem because I mark min,nor,max cells block? Please any advice.
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Re: Laundry problem

Postby sebastiannielsen » Thu Oct 02, 2014 8:41 pm

In A25 the prisoner uniforms is put UNDER the beds due to a Graphics bug. Just do the laundry, add:
Table, Ironing board, Laundry basket and Washing machine to laundry.

Then assign jobs as usual.

Check the Needs table. If clothes are being met from time to time, then the prisoners are getting fresh clothes.

Also make sure common areas (laundry, common room, cantina, yard, shower, visitation etc) does not touch a "NO ACCESS" area (in deployment), since sometimes the prisoners put the laundry cart flat against the wall, and then the prisoner clothes are threwn in a random direction from the cart, that can result in the clothes landing on the other side of the wall/fence, which is "NO ACCESS", making the clothes unreachable.
If you have such areas, then put things on the inside wall (phones, exercise Machines, benches and such) that prevent the prisoner from moving the laundry cart straight against the wall.

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