How to do multiple canteens/kitchens ? A25

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How to do multiple canteens/kitchens ? A25

Postby hugodu973 » Wed Oct 01, 2014 12:43 pm


First, sorry to make a topic on a question which is often asked, but I don't success to know if yes or no, multiple canteens and kitchen work now.
Seems that since the alpha 16, it is possible but I never successed to do it. I have seen that some people did but don't know how. I have currently a little prison (80 prisoners) and i would like to do separate wings, especially a wing totaly separated from the other for the protective custody

So I tried to do it and I did 2 canteens and 2 kitchens, one for the protective custody, one for the others prisoners but the cookers seem to put the food randomly, in my protective custody canteen, I had only one prisoner and it has 40 meal available... as an information, the other wing have all the others prisoners (80 approximately). I tried to separate all by makin a canteen unlocked and the other for the protective custody and same for the kitchen, tried too to put unlocked everywhere but didn't work

It is great to add some new prisoners category and features, but if i can't make separate wings, it is useless :(

So, someone can tell me clearly if yes or no multiple canteens/kitchens work now ? and if yes or with some conditions, how to do it ? I have thought see that cookers put the food to make that food in each serving table is equal, is it true or perhaps they divide the quantity by the number of canteens, and as a consequence, if the quantity of some prisoner category are too different, some have too much and the other not enough ?

Thanks for answers

PS : Sorry, I'm french but I hope that my currently skill is going to suit you
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Re: How to do multiple canteens/kitchens ? A25

Postby wige » Wed Oct 01, 2014 2:14 pm

I think you would probably be better served with just one kitchen serving both canteens. Right now, the balancing of resources is not very good, so the simpler you can make it the better.

I have seen a few things in my own prison that might be helpful -

1 - The limiting factor for prisoners to eat tends to be the trays, rather than the food. I've often run into situations where all food stations are fully stocked but the prisoners starve because all the trays are in another canteen. The prison only stocks a number of trays based on the number of prisoners, and they do not get evenly distributed.

2 - Collecting and cleaning trays takes a very long time. With three meals a day, the trays may not be collected because the AI is not effective here either. Often cooks will just take the trays from one pile and add them to another, shuffling the dirty trays around the canteen for hours before they finally get brought back to the kitchen. If the canteen is far away from the kitchen, this can be a factor as well.

3 - Food distribution seems to be related at least in part to the serving stations. Make sure you have more serving stations in the general canteen than you do in the protected canteen. For two prisoners, one should be (way more than) enough.

Hope this information helps.
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Re: How to do multiple canteens/kitchens ? A25

Postby Robert » Wed Oct 01, 2014 3:18 pm

The only way I have been able to somewhat get multiple canteens to work is to put them all close to each other. Here is my Alpha 24 setup.


They will still randomly put them into whatever serving table they want but as wige said the number of serving tables seems to matter and I think having excess cooks / sinks is also a need.

I am still trying to work out a design for Alpha 25 that would fall under the same principal. Another option may be to set the protective custody eat time either before or after the other eat time that way they aren't eating together.
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Re: How to do multiple canteens/kitchens ? A25

Postby Sperber » Wed Oct 01, 2014 5:17 pm

I am currently trying to regulate this with door timers. I have two wings (min sec and max sec), each with its own kitchen and canteen. My cooks work in kitchen A and deliver the food only to canteen A because kicthen B had its power cut and remote doors closed. When one wing is finished the door timer opens the other one. Don't know if it's going to work, but I'll let you know.

As for the 'food tray problem': How about buying a bunch of serving tables? They are relatively cheap. So just build a whole bunch of them in your storage room and you get 40 trays per table. Dump the tables and keep the trays. If a canteen runs out of trays it shouldn't take long until a worker brings in some extras from your storage.

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