Any word on resolution of the alpha23 bugs

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Any word on resolution of the alpha23 bugs

Postby » Sun Aug 31, 2014 1:29 pm

Has there been any word or communication from introversion on the issues that were introduced in alpha23?

Given the gamebreaking nature of the issues, I would have expected that these would have been resolved in alpha24. In Mantis the tickets are gaining support fast, but they are not yet assigned. I am wondering if Introversion is aware of the issues and if they are planning resolution. I hope that they will release an interim build.

- the laundry system : laundry being dumped all over the prison
- the referral system : prisons are not referred for alochol, drug or behavioural treatments
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Re: Any word on resolution of the alpha23 bugs

Postby Dutex » Sun Aug 31, 2014 1:51 pm

Also bug where prisoners are not transported to the holding cell when they have lock up sentence seems to be still there. It was also introduced at alpha 23.

I was hoping these bugs could have been resolved at alpha 24 because now whole drug system is on halt. Feels like we are back to the alpha 19. Well except with fancy new wire system.
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Re: Any word on resolution of the alpha23 bugs

Postby koshensky » Sun Aug 31, 2014 4:26 pm

It's important to rate things on a reasonable scale of importance. Game breaking bugs are by their nature things that actually prevent the game from being played, and they are fixed incredibly quickly, often within a couple of days. Things that don't quite work or are just behaviourally odd are not ignored, they're just put into the list of things to do when they've got a few minutes.

In all, they're still making the game, and there's still a lot to do, they'll get around to it - just probably not right now.

This latest update, Introversion have been focussing on the modding system, the confidential informants system and the remote access systems. On top of that they managed to fix some bugs and tweak some things that weren't quite right, but that's a lot to be getting on with over the course of the month (you can read the full list of changes here)

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