[Suggestion] Enchanted suppression system

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[Suggestion] Enchanted suppression system

Postby Dutex » Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:28 am

First of all, im sorry if this is already suggested. I didn't find anything exactly as this is with my search. Second, sorry about my bad english. Third, don't hit me too hard, my first post to this forum..

As i have played PA i have had feeling that i'm not controlling prison full of dangerous individuals. Its more like bunch of teen princesses who will get angry if they don't get their food at exact moment they want it. With carefully planing, managing and going there where fence is lowest (Free-Time for everyone-regime) this is easily managed.

To response to this i had idea to enchant already included suppression system. As now if there is a suppressor (armed guard) near the prisoner, he will gain suppression status from 0 to the 1,440. This could work to another way too. So every prisoner should have basic suppression score, lets say 500 for example purposes. With that they also would have individual anti-suppression score witch is taken from that basic score every set amount of time. This pre set anti-suppression score would depend on what kind of prisoner is in hand. Maximum Security Murderers with aggressive trait would have higher amount of anti-suppression score than white-collar prisoner. So suppression score of individual prisoner is counting down if it is not handled.

500 could be the basic score, 0 minimum and 1,000 maximum. At 500 and near it everything is as normal, no added buffs or increased or decreased likely for misconduct. At 1,000 points prisoner is fully suppressed and act like they do now when they are fully suppressed (when 1,440 points). At 0 they are rebellious (didn't find better word for it) and way more likely to misconduct, start fights or even riots. Even if their needs is fulfilled. You also get buffs to the danger indicator from both ends. As danger level lowers when you have suppressed prisoners, it should increase if you have rebellious prisoners. However this does not affect on prisoners personal boiling point where they snap. That system should stay still separated. (Or maybe not)

To increase suppression and counter anti-suppression score you should need to guard your prisoners (no s*** sherlock?). Like armed guards now, cameras, normal guards and dogs should also increase suppression. Far less of course. Working cameras could give less amount off suppression but still enough to cover up minimum security prisoner anti-suppression score. For example lets say 10 points per set time. Next could be guard whose presence gives 25 points and that is enough to counter most of prisoner in your prison including maximum security prisoners. Rare individuals should be so dangerous that even normal guard cant counter their anti-suppression score. Dogs could give 30 points and armed guards 100 or even more (guns are scary). Of course punishments should be most effective as lock down giving 150 points and solitary 250 points. To prevent situation where your normal guard causes full suppression on whole cell block over the night they also should have maximum amount of caused suppression. Camera could increase score to the 550 and not beyond (10% from full), guard to the 625 (25%), Dog to the 700 (40%) and armed guard to the 1,000 as punishments also could do. (numbers are straight from head, balancing need to be done!)

From here we come to conclusion, if your prisoners have to much time and are not constantly supervised they start thinking that they can do anything they want causing dangerous prison.This should be slow process so no instant snaps if you prisoners gets stuck to place where guards cant see him. Especially larger heavily crowded prisoners with lots of max secs. this could prove challenge witch is now missing.

I hope you get the idea and i'm thinking this should not be too hard to add as suppression system already covers big parts of this.

Thank You!
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Re: [Suggestion] Enchanted suppression system

Postby Robbedem » Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:42 pm

A small part of your idea was already proposed by me on Mantis. http://bugs.introversion.co.uk/view.php?id=4593
I like your additions for small suppression from camera's, guards,... and prisoners getting rebellious when they aren't guarded.

For those that don't like reading, what he proposed is something like this:
- In general: more need => more misconduct
BUT: prisoners get suppression rating ranging from 0 to 1000
- suppression < 250 => prisoners can misbehave, even when all needs are met.
- suppresion 250 < 750 => normal behaviour
- suppression > 750 => prisoners are less likely to misbehave
(borders could be gradual, instead of sudden)

The rating goes down gradually over time on it's own, based on the prisoner (f.e. 1 point / 5min for low risk and 3 point 5min for high risk, possibly less when prisoners are sleeping or have finished reform programs)
Guards, camera's, lockdown, solitary,... raises suppression scores gradually (x pints / min) to a max value, f.e. camera's can only increase to 400.

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