[Suggestion] A few ideas

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[Suggestion] A few ideas

Postby Kilmannan » Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:55 pm

I would have searched / put these in a better place but I don't have the time unfortunately, so here we go:

1 - Recall to Prison Orders

We currently have prisoners who serve their time and leave. I would like to see prisoners being parolled and having a chance of getting an RPO applied. This means they get brought back to prison with all the same skills and qualifications they had before, but potentially a lot more angry at being dragged out of their home by some cops and brought back kicking and screaming. This would make it more of a challenge to cater to their needs.

2 - Prisoners in Transit

The Holding Cell could be used to hold prisoners on transit who are only in the prison for a few nights whilst they're processed and moved on elsewhere. This would give the HC more of a purpose than currently. Perhaps make it an option to accept PiT's but the monetary value for each PiT you have is higher with the offset that you may get Low / Med / Max security prisoners.

3 - Work Placement Orders

Your prisoners leave the Prison in a bus with guards and go to a work placement somewhere. This earns you more money but runs a higher risk of escape. You have to invest in buses and guards to man those vehicles, as well as perhaps some specialist training.

4 - Day Release

Prisoners can be allowed to go out of the prison on day release to the local town, etc. Runs a risk of escape, greatly increases satisfaction.

5 - Sports grounds

Football pitch, etc, where you can let your prisoners play sports and potentially get them qualified in various sporting classes, end result in a prison team that plays matches, earns income, etc.

6 - Interview rooms

The requirement to have a room where Prisoners can be taken and interviewed by Police in relation to ongoing crimes or other involvements. It's a common feature in prisons in the UK.
This could result in your prisoner coming back out very angry.

That's it for now.

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