Rulers and guide-lines.

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Rulers and guide-lines.

Postby Kilmannan » Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:03 am

I've had a search around but there's so much on this forum now I'm finding it hard to identify if it's been answered.

I don't suffer from OCD but two years of Minecraft have given me a slight twitch when I see things out of alignment. Are there any ruler features in PA or could they be introduced? I'm thinking something along the lines off an X and Y axis line that goes to the edge of the screen, the center being you rmousepoint. That way you can instantly see how the block lines up with everything else.

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Re: Rulers and guide-lines.

Postby RGeezy911 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:52 am

Hi Kilmannan,

There is no way to toggle a ruler or guide that follows the mouse, but you can go into planning mode: walls and use the guide that appears when you drag your mouse. Do a search on the Mantis Bug Tracker and see if someone made a mention of it there. I have full-on OCD, so these kinds of things get me too!

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Re: Rulers and guide-lines.

Postby RichieGrape » Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:58 am

yea when i start i new prison i probably spend 2-3+ hours just planning out the whole prison with the planning tool before i even let my construction guys off there truck ...planning tool does give you ruler measurements when using it

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