several Issues i thought you should know

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several Issues i thought you should know

Postby mashpotato » Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:22 am

I have encountered several issues so i thought i'd just let you know. I'm running the Alpha 19 update.

Firstly I had a fire which damaged a lot of my prison, on a small map, including my power station. The workmen would never fix the power station, I tried clicking repair, dismantle, dump and even used delete utility from the utilities window and although all were listed as jobs to do, they were always at the bottom of the jobs list and so instead no matter how many workmen I placed into the game they all choose to move rubbish. I waited a lot of ingame days without power and water hoping it would sort itself out but after a lot of fights breaking out and dead people, i had to abandon the game.

There needs to be someway to specify which jobs should be urgent or if you have a workmen highlighted you should be able to click the object and he'll perform the job.

So I started again on a medium sized map. After starting with the holding cell I built cells but the guards would never move the prisoners, I had to manually click each prisoner to a cell.
I built a laundry room but no-one has moved the uniforms from the deliveries area, there are plenty of workmen just standing around them. At work time the prisoners enter the laundry room but as there is nothing to do they fight.
Now I have just tried to build more cells, I have placed the foundations and the game performance slowed right down to slowest speed. It is still set to highest but won't run any faster, the people are jolty in their movements. I tried turning the game off and restarting it but it is still the same.

Also I just wondered why if you place foundations for example but get a bit wrong so delete it before its built, when it is just the floor plan, you don't get your money back?
Also had real issues in the past with foundations refusing to complete and the only way was to cancel it and replace them. They're already there on the ground you're only drawing the foundation plan over them but you get charged again
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Re: several Issues i thought you should know

Postby Sparrrrow » Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:49 am

problem 1: is known, i agree with your solution

problem 2 is also known, to fix it dezone the holding cell en rezone the holding cell

problem 3: prison uniforms are moved by janitors i believe

problem 4: game slows down indeed when you have build/ are building a lot

problem 5: you dont get your money back because the concrete and steel is already bought the moment you start the foundation

problem 6: i believe this occurs when you wait to long with adding a door to your foundation.
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Re: several Issues i thought you should know

Postby VoiD88 » Thu Apr 03, 2014 8:44 pm

Sparrrrow wrote:problem 6: i believe this occurs when you wait to long with adding a door to your foundation.

Can also happen when you save and load a game while construction on a foundation is under way. Sparrrrows other points were all correct.
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Re: several Issues i thought you should know

Postby 111none » Sun Apr 06, 2014 3:11 pm

These issues are not game breAking as like where the whole game crashes so I think the fixes are in beta ;)

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