Let's talk about fire

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Let's talk about fire

Postby CplHenderson » Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:13 pm

So, I set my prison on fire to see exactly what it does. This is what I found.

- It causes almost no injury. It seems strange actually - sometimes people die, but they have to be standing directly on top of the fire for a while before they even start to take damage. The entire kennel was on fire, yet none of my ten dog handlers was injured at all.

- It burns everything. Metal, Concrete, Brick, you name it. These materials don't seem to have different rates of burning and spreading either - my ultra thick perimeter wall burns down just as quickly as grass does.

- Water doesn't put it out, it just stops it from spreading. If a material is on fire, you need to wait for it to burn itself out while spraying water on the materials around it. Personally, I believe that water should put out the fire as well.

- NPCs don't give a shit. They walk around, carrying on with their routines, walking straight through the fire while sustaining no damage. They should probably run away - possibly in a "panic" mode. I recall a suggestion about creating evacuation plans and the like, and i suggest an "evacuation" emergency button to move all prisoners/staff to an evac point of your choice. If concrete is made unburnable, then a concrete yard would make a good choice. If the yard is all grass, not so much.

- It just doesn't happen. I have never seen a fire start in my prison where I didn't set it. I know it can happen if a prisoner has a lighter during a riot, but that prisoner has to have the arsonist trait, and have a lighter, and not have hidden said lighter. It's just too rare.

There are so many more possibilities for fires starting. Maybe arsonists should just have some fun sometimes and start a fire without provocation. When drugs are introduced, smoking will become a huge hazard. Electrics short out. Prisoners messing around with the lights to cause trouble.

I know this isn't top priority for anyone, but fire is in the game and will need to be discussed at some point. Why not now?
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Re: Let's talk about fire

Postby thekillergreece » Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:40 pm

Fire are totally unprogrammed system. They were just created with animation of fire and absolutely do nothing, dull behavior with only habitat to do is: Destroy

Fire seem to never damage A.I, yes, no matter what. Despite user's facts, they are confirmed fake and fire absolutely do no harm.

A.I do nothing because they were not programmed to react on fire. Water will successfully put the fire out if you place correctly the sprinklers. For the burning, it is another unprogrammed system. I was like: "Wtf, a fire can destroy 50 walls in 2 hours in-game?". In short words, Fire absolutely do nothing, no realism from there, just a destructive event for your prison. Much like riots(Which riots, a.i dont give sh!t about it as well).
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Re: Let's talk about fire

Postby 111none » Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:29 pm

You should read the change logs and the videos. Fire was coded in the earlier alphas (5-ish). It to this point remains a partially-coded function.
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Re: Let's talk about fire

Postby VoiD88 » Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:13 pm

111none wrote:Fire was coded in the earlier alphas (5-ish).

Nope, fire was in the game from the very beginning, what came in Alpha 5 were the firefighters ;)
But your point is correct, fire is just another feature that has not been completed yet.

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