Alpha 16 multiple kitchens?

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Re: Alpha 16 multiple kitchens?

Postby dempom » Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:57 am

b0rk wrote:One cooker produces two pots of 10 meals each thus a serving table needs 4 cookers.

One cooker needs either 2, 4 or 6 ingredients based on your meal selection. So for medium quality one cooker needs 4x20 ingredients to produce 20 meals (2 pots of 10).

One fridge can hold 2 stacks of 40 ingredients.

Thus one fridge can serve one cooker producing medium quality meals.

Depending on how well you can fill the fridges, fill the cookers and then fill the serving tables will determine how close to the theoretical performance you get I for example need the set of kitchen's below to accommodate 1148 medium security prisoners and 230 high security prisoners on medium meal quality and achieve a 90% feed rate. Pathing time and fridge re-stocking are my pinch points.

Hmmm, this is not the ratio I had presumed. To extend your logic, what is the ratio for high quality, high diversity? (sink:fridge:cooker:cook:serving table)

Did you figure this out yourself through trial and error? A lot of the job mechanics are too much of a black box for my liking.

Thanks! :D
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Re: Alpha 16 multiple kitchens?

Postby b0rk » Sat Jan 04, 2014 6:18 am

Much of the basic mechanics in terms of ingredients per meal, meals per pot, pots per cooker and pots per serving table are all documented in either the forums or devwiki.

Fill rate and balance is TBH trial and error based on number of kitchens, meals, cooks, prisoners, workers and distance between everything and the entrance/deliveries zone.

High quality would effect the number of ingredients so a high quality meal needs three ingredents not two. You can thus scale up from here.
High diversity effects the type of meals prepared there are four types of meal and the serving table will be loaded accordingly.

Sinks are affected only by the number of meals prepared and time between meal times so that your cooks and prisoners have enough time to clean the serving trays.

1 fridge holds enough for 1 cooker worth of medium quality meals.

You would need 1.5 fridges per cooker for high quality meals. I actually have enough fridges to serve high quality meals but can't fill (re-supply) these with enough ingredients in the 3 hour cooking window due to kitchen placements. Workers / Cooks will only go to collect ingredients from a supply truck once the truck has arrived so walking time is potentially critical when preparing a lot of meals or trying to maximise efficiency.

The same in incidentally true in achieving an efficient workshop. Both should be placed as near to deliveries as possible which limits prison design somewhat. I'd love IV to re-design deliveries to be preemptive in a future alpha.
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Re: Alpha 16 multiple kitchens?

Postby _alphaBeta_ » Sat Jan 04, 2014 3:02 pm

b0rk wrote:I'd love IV to re-design deliveries to be preemptive in a future alpha.

Yes, it would be nice if the player was given more control over the supply system. Would be nice to be able to order more sheet metal / ingredients than you technically need and store them accordingly. Timed deliveries would also be nice and have staff know that ingredients arrive at 2am so they're waiting for them when they arrive.

I'll suggest this be an option to satisfy the macro/micro managers among us.

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