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[Suggestion] Seasons and HVAC

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 3:50 pm
by stoner7
Add the four seasons. For gameplay purposes (not realism), make the seasons 30-45 days long with appropriate temperature changes

This will require HVAC. Spring and summer require air-conditioning: level 1 for spring, level 2 for summer. Autumn and winter require heat: level 1 for autumn, level 2 for winter.

I envision HVAC would require installation of a Heating Unit and an Air-Conditioner Unit. Duct work is required to each cell; each cell must have a vent. Both Heating and AC share the ducting/vents. Both require power from the Power Station. Each base Heating Unit and AC Unit would be capable of heating/cooling 3000 square meters. You can add one or more Fans to each (like Capacitors to the Power Station) to increase BTUs to the covered area by 1000 square meters. You can also add additional Heating or AC Units; must be on different ducting system from other Heating/AC ducting.

One Small Vent can heat/cool 16 square meters (4x4 spaces; e.g., a basic office or 2x3 cell). A Large Vent can blast twice the heat/ac; it can be attached to only a large duct. Ducting has two sizes, like Pipes: large and small. Vents have two sizes: large and small. The 3000 & 1000 numbers are just examples; IV can tinker with them for gameplay purposes.

All Indoor spaces, such as offices, common areas, canteens, etc. must have the correct number of vents for the square footage. The Kitchen and Work Shop must have double the vents or Large Vents, because it's hotter there. Outdoor areas (Yard, Deliveries, Garbage, etc.) do not require HVAC.

In the spring and summer, the prisoners have necessary cooling levels, or they fight or riot. In autumn and winter, there must be heating.

The Suggestions thread (viewtopic.php?f=43&t=18019) mentions air ducts that the prisoners can escape through. The Large Ducts that I mention would fit that need.

Re: [Suggestion] Seasons and HVAC

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:59 pm
by stoner7
An intermediate version:

- Two seasons: summer, winter

- Single HVAC unit that requires electricity from the Power Station. Requires the player to select heat or AC. If prison has a Maintenance Supervisor, this is done automatically.

- Single size of duct (large).

- Single size of Vent. Required in all cells and indoor spaces. Larger spaces require more than one vent.

- Fans increase BTUs of HVAC

Re: [Suggestion] Seasons and HVAC

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:57 pm
by Sporegen
I think this might have been suggested before, either way i like this idea.
How i think it should work:

-Vents will heat/cool all indoor tiles within a certain diameter, this diameter is dependant on the configured power of the HVAC unit(s) (configurable by the player).
-Prisoners tend to get more violent when hot, while excessive lack of heat will make them docile, cold prisoners can keep themselves warm by lying in their bed or by taking a warm shower. (if heating is not available)
-Prisoners require showers more regurarly when it is hot.
-Different HVAC units can be connected to the same network, however if connected to the same network they cannot have independent settings.
-Extreme temperatures can lead to hypothermia or dehydration and eventually dead.
-Ducts are hidden in the ceiling and can thus be layered over pipes and cables.
-Prisoners can crawl through ducts if the HVAC power is below a certain tresshold, this makes a distinct noise.
-Vents require tools to be able to open and enter the duct network.
-Different kinds of detectors for both pipes and ducts. (infrared, movement, ...)
-Seasons change about every 20-25 days.
-Electrical radiators, they only require electricity and provide heat within a fixed diameter.
-Windows provide cooling.
-Different kinds of clothing or jumpsuits?

This goes well with the idea of different kinds of enviroments for your prison.

Re: [Suggestion] Seasons and HVAC

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 7:00 pm
by christopher1006
Temperature has been talked about and suggested several times before. While I think it'd be an interesting feature (Siberia anyone?) the difficulty in coding this and keeping the frame rate up, especially on large maps might make it impractical. Until such time though that Chris says so I still would like to see temperature and the ability to control it.

Re: [Suggestion] Seasons and HVAC

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 8:05 pm
by stoner7
I searched the forum for "air conditioning" and "heating" before posting. Only thing I found was the one reference about air. So, since this has been discussed in other suggestions, just consider this as an addendum to those.

Sponegen: good ideas!

christopher1006: hadn't thought about this as yet another frame rate killer. good point.