Suggestion: Circuit breaker

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Re: Suggestion: Circuit breaker

Postby air805ronin » Wed Oct 09, 2013 7:24 pm

xander wrote:What is there to object to?

I think I've already said your idea makes sense, but in the same way walking across electrified water doesn't make sense to you, shutting off an entire prison because of a broken washer doesn't make sense to me at all. Thats pretty much my whole issue with that approach.

As far as being scared of puddles with electricity, I find them to be more of a video game trope than anything (though the sheer number of news articles brought by "electrocuted puddle" is mind boggling). Anyone trained to work with electricity would know that they would wear insulated boots and walk across a small puddle just fine. if the puddle was thin enough you could walk through in ordinary workboots. They could also ground the puddle. We're only dealing with 110v/220v (depending on your continent) so its not going to have the tremendous arcing potential of a lightnight bolt or a power line. I get your point about not liking an arbitrary immunity to electricity, but in general people who do work with it kind of do have that.

But really we've both made our points.
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Re: Suggestion: Circuit breaker

Postby skeggis » Tue Oct 15, 2013 5:22 am

Well that (almost) turned into to kind of arguments that usually keep me off all kinds of forums..

But I definitely like the ideas thrown around here. I always try to build my "essential systems" such as CCTV monitors and metal detectors on a separate circuit. I also spam switches and valves outside cell blocks so I could cut power and/or water from the cell block if I needed to.

ATM this is obviously mostly RP, but would love to see actual gameplay incentives for doing so. This would add depth to planning and building your utilities.

And imagine the possibilities if we also get electronic doors to PA!

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