[Suggestion] Things Needed to Make a Supermax Prison

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[Suggestion] Things Needed to Make a Supermax Prison

Postby Brnthay » Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:13 pm

I would really like to build a supermax or Ultramax Prison.

Item that are need to make it possible:
Ability to limit the number of inmates in the yard/ showers. I do not really see any conflicts with current systems with this one. If you do please post. This can done though the regime systems. It would mean the player would have build multiply yards but that shouldn't be a problem.

Ability to search a prisoner when they leave their cell. Consequence for this, you have to have more staff and prisoners get very good at hiding items. (kinda darwin effect here. Prisoners learn what works and what does not.)

Another tier added to the prison or another mod that gives the player all very high risk inmates but gives the player a lot more money. These are prison that riot and act violent even when needs are fulled. Therefore "price" would be very high for these prisoners.

Delivery of food to cells (this one has been talked about already). But the trade off is that the person is isolated for longer. Right now isolated prisoners get a status effect that make there complaints nal. However if they are isolated and are getting needs provide under the current system, the status effect could be kept active. To prevent this eventuality the prison should become more violate not less. But for supermax prisoners scene they are already violent then it would make scene for the protection of your staff to keep them isolated.

Item that i would like:
Building it underground. There are currently no prison that are all underground. There are how ever prison that are partially underground.
Building on an island
Having the ability to lock down just one block of cells. This one would be nice for a large prison right now, but would almost be an imperative for supermax prisons.

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