[Suggestion] Difficulty System for PA: Prison Types

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[Suggestion] Difficulty System for PA: Prison Types

Postby The Joker » Thu Jul 04, 2013 6:00 am

I believe that in a broad sense, Prison Architect is fantastic at being a prison simulator. But it could go even more in depth if you were able to choose the type of prison you wanted, not just the "Low, Med, High Risk" prisoners that visit your prison.

For example, there is a "Supermax Prison" which houses enemies of the state, political prisoners, the "worst of the worst" and terrorists. There is also a "Psychiatric Prison" which houses anyone who is deemed mentally disturbed or just too damn criminally smart for normal institutions. If Prison Architect had the option for you to choose which prison you wanted to build, there would be many different types of play styles and arrangements that we could come up with. It could also be a way of designing a "difficulty" system for Prison Architect.

From the get go, a prison is designed for a certain type of prisoner. Below are some types of prisons and their associated prisoners that I think should be "Prison Types" in the game, so that we can not only choose the types of prisoners we want but more so focus on the purpose of the facility because of who's in it.

[Difficulty: HARD] Supermax Prison: Supermax Prisons house the worst of the worst: terrorists, enemies of the state, mass murderers, and serial killers. Supermax prisons need to be designed to contain and control the most unruly group of human criminals in the world; riots, murder, intrigue, smuggling, escapes, assaults on security and staff, infiltration, and terrorism are things that are common in Supermax prisons.

[Difficulty: HARD] Military Institutions: Military prisons need to be designed to handle trained, and physically and mentally hardened criminals who once served in the armed forces. These are no wish-wash prisoners; they are former soldiers, and will think like soldiers do to get on top. One particular problem in military institutions is that military prisoners think of themselves being in a war; they coordinate, plan, prepare, and execute ways of escape, plans to control certain areas of the prison, attacks against security forces, and riots flawlessly, bravely, and fearlessly.

[Difficulty: HARD] Psychiatric Prisons: Psychiatric prisons house the most mentally disturbed and criminally intelligent prisoners in the world. Criminal masterminds, serial killers, crime bosses, multiple-escape artists, and disturbed geniuses all inhabit these institutions. The largest problems present in psychiatric prisons are escapes(they happen often), sabotage(masterminds have a thing for sabotaging electricity, water supplies, equipment, and cell doors), and assassinations and explosives.

[Difficulty: RANDOM] Classic Prison Architect: Standard Prison Architect game with Low, Med, and High risk prisoners.

[Difficulty: EASY] Minimum-security Institutions: Minimum-security institutions house low-risk and misdemeanor prisoners.

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