Suggestion, fix? Feature? Something, idk it's a Social Meter

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Suggestion, fix? Feature? Something, idk it's a Social Meter

Postby christhekiller » Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:47 am

So I had an idea from another thread, that sort of blossomed into this idea.

Warning What I'm about to post will be, more than likely, a wall of text.

So, here's a summary, if you don't want to read the wall
A current problem is that prisoners don't really fight much without it blowing up into a full scale riot.

The basic concept is each prisoner would get a "Social Meter" of sorts which would be similar to the current "thermometer" we have regarding how likely a prisoner is to riot but instead the Social Meter would be indicative of one prisoners opinion of another, and as their opinion drops, they're more likely to get into small, personal fights.

Now the idea stems from the problem of it's hard to get actual fights your guards can deal with without everything escalating into a big ol' fashioned riot.

So it got me thinking, why would a prisoner normally fight? Surely he just wouldn't start wailing on other prisoners just because he's hungry or hasn't talked to his family in awhile. No, so then the "Social Meter" was born (I used to refer to it as the rage meter but that sounds a tad too mad, but pick your own favorite)

I should note, I'm sorry if this is disorganized, this is pretty much a 3am thought process going on right now, I'll try to see if I can organize or sum it up better.

Anyway, the Social Meter would work in a similar fashion to the thermometer. If you could actually see the meter you would simply see something akin to a thermometer shown in the Alpha 10 release video, but instead of all the various bars for each prisoner in different places it will a bar for each prisoner and as other prisoners annoy him (more on that in a bit) it'll fill up, and when he hits his personal boiling point he'll start wailing on that person he's annoyed at.

So, what determines where they stand on the bar? Well it could be a number of things. Their personality and charges which already affect where they are on the thermometer would affect how quickly they jump to anger. Also possibly how their needs are met, even with clothing and comfort. So, a prisoner who is well dressed, well fed, and well treated may be harder to provoke into fights, but not impossbile. Whereas a prisoner who may be starving, or dirty, or uncomfortable may be grumpy and more prone to fighting.

So, how do prisoners start to annoy each other? Well, a good way to get your prisoners angry at each other would be to limit the number of certain items they need, such as phone booths. Perhaps all the phone booths in the prison are taken and your prisoner wants to phone his family, so he might wander up to a phone booth and wait (or que up to use it if you want to get technical) but Oh MY GOD this other prisoner just won't shut up, seriously how much can you talk about with your family, it's not like anythings changed for you 'seriously mom I'm wearing the same orange jumpsuit, can you believe it!' gosh.
But I digress, as the prisoner waits, his anger towards this other prisoner may slowly start to build up, eventually, culminating into him saying "I'm tired of hearing you talk!" and just start slamming his head against the phone booth.
Another way to annoy other prisoners is to just start yelling about your wants and needs constantly. Perhaps one prisoner was locked in solitary all day and was thusly, unfed, for the last day, maybe two, so he starts to scream, and shout and let it all out, and prisoners who are nearby, or in nearby cells may start to get annoyed at the guy. Producing what may humorously be called a "Gang bang" where a bunch of prisoners are tired of this guys shenanigans and they start ganging up on him.
There are other ways to piss off prisoners I'm sure, but as the sun rises, I can't think of any.

Wait a minute Chris (btw my name is Chris, nice to meet you), I hear you say, how will the game track a hundred prisoners opinions on a hundred prisoners. Well, tbh, I have no friggin idea. My only idea would be that the bar would reset, and simply be forgotten after a small amount of time, that way the game (and your computer) won't have to track large numbers of prisoners who hate on a larger number of prisoners, and it may be beneficial so as these prisoners don't actually hold grudges and there's just not constant fighting. But perhaps Chris (the one who programs the game, not me) can optimize it and figure it out.

So we've got the basic stuff down, right? Anything else to add on?
Well, I had a couple of ideas on the matter actually. These just sort of spawned in my head as I wrote this and haven't entirely been thought through just yet but,

A couple of ways to make the social meter a little cooler:

Friendlieness- Prisoners won't just get mad at each other, they may even form bonds, perhaps if they share meals together, have similar personality traits or even trade contraband. This could lead to a prisoner jumping into a fight to help a friend, the prisoners helping each other escape or fight guards, or even the formation of gangs and such. This would of course probably require some optimization and fine tuning but I think it could work (This is actually when I went from calling this the "Rage Meter" to calling it the "Social Meter")
Anger towards Staff- Perhaps as some needs are fulfilled the prisoners may also start to get angry at staff. Perhaps the "Food" need isn't being met so a prisoner may just start getting pissed off at the Cooks and end up breaking into the kitchen to really murder some chefs. Or maybe the place is just so filthy, so filthy and dirty so perhaps a prisoner may instead target the cleaning staff. Or perhaps you threw a prisoner in solitary, or searched a prisoners room for no good reason, so the prisoner may get angry at the guards.

If you read all that and like the idea, comment and give it a +1
If you have your own ideas or addons, post those!
If you just read the summary and kinda like it, read on! Why you are reading down here though, I'll never know
If you hate the idea and want to see it die, comment and give it a +1 (That tells everyone that you give it +1 anger, trust me, I'm the Doctor)

Thanks for reading
I love you <3
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Postby zetathix » Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:38 pm


I imagine that "social point" may working like a magnet or scent, negative and positive.

Positive scent will spreading if which prisoner stay close to or reacting with the same kind of person. And so on, negative scent will spreads while someone they dislike closing to or react.

Ex. Big mouth guy meets with some introvert-psycho-killer = negative for sure. They will try to stay away, walk away or violently action depend on what type of person they are.
Or some guy which have an escape plan will result as positive when meet each other.

If I have something else comes in my mind , I will post it later.
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Postby christhekiller » Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:16 am

Wow. What a large amount of repliers to this thread, so much support for this idea, it's inspirational <3
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Postby Farden » Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:47 pm


Excellent idea! :D
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Postby paktsardines » Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:19 am

Wow. What a large amount of repliers to this thread

The number of repliers to your suggestion is inversely proportional to the number of people who've heard it before.
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Postby christhekiller » Thu Jul 04, 2013 6:10 am

paktsardines wrote:
Wow. What a large amount of repliers to this thread

The number of repliers to your suggestion is inversely proportional to the number of people who've heard it before.


Because I've been here since about Alpha 8, Alpha 9, one of those 2
And off of the top of my head I don't remember reading about it anywhere else

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