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Rogue Crafting (prisoners able to craft contraband)

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:32 am
by TooDAMNMuch
got one to add to the pile of suggestions about crafting, some rogue crafting actually and guard ID badges to boot, here's the idea.

guards would each carry an ID of some sort as well as any other staff who can open prison doors, if there's an opportunity and an unconscious guard one or more prisoners could be able to steal the identification off the incapacitated guard, i know i know, this sounds mundane so far but here's where it gets good, the use for the contraband ID cards would be prisoners could secretly begin crafting and issuing each other fake IDs (they have the template to know how to print it from the stolen ID after all, but the actual information wouldn't match, so therefore it wouldn't work as ID for the one who stole it, but rather allow semi-working ID to be crafted instead) as well as fake uniforms in the workshop and laundry respectively, if a prisoner has both, he'd be able to fool the majority of your staff into thinking he's a guard allowing escape, maybe a security camera or inspection by a real guard would be needed to detect imposters or something.

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:17 am
by zetathix
For me, I think it's easier to steal ID from corsps when riot and take uniform from morgue. My workshop don't allow any prisoner to work in workshop alone. (I just want to tell that someone runs a jail like this.)

So all staff's uniform will do too, right? From janitor to nurse? I would love to see some prisoners try to dress like nurse to escape while try to run on high-heel...hahaha really sick.

And so on... They may pretending to be dead when riot for a hope to taken to morgue while no one notice them that's they are alive. But doctors can tell they aren't corsps...

Anyway, Fake ID and uniform are good, but may hard to execute. (for prisoner...)

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:35 pm
by Dosedmonkey
Crafting would be cool, look at just the items we have currently.

Iron + Mop = Speare iron!

Lighter + washing machine = epic fire.

I'm sure they have all this thought out.

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:42 pm
by TooDAMNMuch
i think chris beat me to the punch on similar stuff with this after hearing about the last livestream on the forums, but yeah was thinking just a guard who's dead or knocked out would be able to be stripped for ID, the idea was kind of that the work rooms should be useful to prisoners motives as well, heck now that i think about it maybe a job assignment in the cleaning cupboard should let prisoners have a chance of acquiring poison too.

as far as how many uniforms they would be able to counterfeit, i'd say yeah let them create whichever, but they have to be able to knock out or kill someone wearing that uniform for it to be available, if your warden is completely segregated from the prisoner areas they most likely won't ever get that one, or will have a hell of a time trying.

but yeah on difficulty for prisoners i'd think it should depend mostly on how closely monitored they are while working, if you always have a guard posted in the workshop or laundry or where ever it makes sense people would try to behave slightly more, i kind of wonder if security cameras in place should be able to queue prisoners for search however providing they have a good line of sight to the target since the guards monitoring them could go over recorded footage that way instead of having to catch them live in the act, then again maybe that would be too powerful for security cameras and require a more specific item or room to review security reports and footage.

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:02 am
by christhekiller
The idea I had would be that prisoners make items that might not be so useful for what they want to do, and make them into something else.

Such as mixing poison or cleaner or something to make drugs
Or turning a drill or screwdriver into a shank

Also, I thought of other possible uses for contraband
Such as using drills or screwdrivers to break down doors slightly faster than with fists but not as fast as with keys
Or using spoons to slightly increase tunnel digging times
Or using the cell phones to maybe satisfy family need and/ or co-ordinate with family to make escape attempts

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:44 pm
by zetathix
IMO what they can craft will depends on personal skills or intelligence.
This one is interesting, if someone could not craft something because they can't, they may asking for some help from someone they have a good relations and have the skill they need. If bad moves, someone they have bad relations will give the info to guards and leading to more sentences and isolation. (I mention about relation with christhekiller on other topic.)
Aggressive person may decided to craft weapon but some psycho-super smart may plan something bigger like make a bomb, free them all or try to kill the guard blood-coldly one by one, or someone may want to be in jail just want to kill somebody...someone may follow their target to kill them quietly here...(sorry a little off by excitement.)
And if they can brainstorming......I think they can do like when they helping each other to digging tunnel. To craft something more complicate or bigger.

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:30 am
by TooDAMNMuch
i really like zeta's take on this to be honest, sounds very interesting and like it could let you think about getting inside the mind of your prisoners more.

not sure about brainstorming or cooperation however, probably should be quite rare for those :wink:

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:37 pm
by zetathix
I'm curious about something like hidden agenda to be in the game. The warden and all of staff never know what type of prisoners they will get, they know only basic information which polices or court. They know who are dangerous, heavy sentences, long times to serve the punishment (fact) and any info provide by outer world which very true or not at all (personality). It's like you know your friends better than someone rarely talk with. Because you already learning each other. Someone may fake all the times, who will know....

So the officers need to learning behaviors from prisoners and prisoner will do it with guards too. Where they will patrol, guards or stationed, to make an escape plan or some moves/contraband act. Think it like an experiences, When prisoners never come to this NEW prison. They just need to make a mind map which depends on how far they can go around the prison. Somewhere they never step to, they will confuse and decision will be slower. (when they escaping, emergency or maybe uses it all around, ex. when exploring while work hours.)
If game continue keep complicate. All we know the same are all prisoners know which way they entering. If the entrance is far away from prisoners commodities area, longer they stay, mind map will fading first where they register to remember first. Where they passing through a lot will grow an intensity of knowing of the path, like an ant's trails but in their mind. They will know the shortest path from this mind map too.

Crafting choices may select automatically by prisoners depends on those EXP.

- OFF THE TOPIC - Do anyone think like me that guards never catch an escaping prisoners because they do only "follow" but never estimate which way they will be?
In real life, if you wanna catch someone you need to estimate their next position before the time.
(You can understand clearly what I'm talk about, see IV's video on youtube while chris open pathfinding display mode. You will see red line over white path line which red line must be pointer to make it follow the line. And it's too short when you wanna catch someone while white line still placing after prisoner. :shock: Or I just wrong about this. ) :roll: