[suggestion] Psychological assessment

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[suggestion] Psychological assessment

Postby paktsardines » Fri Jun 14, 2013 4:29 am

Currently the psychologist's only role is to unlock the needs for your prisoners. Once that's done, they are not needed for the rest of the game. I think the psychologist's role should be more of an ongoing 'useful tool', rather than the omnipotent mind-reader they currently are. I was thinking:

1. Prisoners are sent/escorted to the psychologist for assessment individually as needed. This could be as simple as left-clicking on the prisoner and right-clicking on the psychologist office.
2. Once they've visited the psychologist their needs become visible for that prisoner for a llimited time - say 3 or 4 days or whatever (maybe forever).
3. Prisoners need to revist the psychologist periodically to get latest assesment (perhaps subsequent visits reveals information about other needs).

I am not suggesting that players spend all day escorting all their prisoners to and from the psychologist, simply that prisoners remain as 'black-boxes' after entering your prison. If individual prisoners are being troublesome, then sending them to the psychologist will let you peer into their individual black boxes, and give you information about dealing with their particular problems (for a limited time).
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Postby ronanc » Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:46 am

I like this, especially point number 2 to give the player a sense of urgency.
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Postby Kohlrabi » Fri Jun 14, 2013 8:22 am

I like this, except for no 2. :)

Needs are rather basic information, and might be the kind of information that the prisoners give to the guards - "give me food" "I want to call my family" etc.

Information gathered from a psychological assessment should more be of the personality trait kind - murderous, violent, peaceful, friendly, loner etc.
And, that kind of information should be rather constant over time, even though it might take some time to gather, giving you the need for having several psychologists at the same time in a large prison.
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Postby paktsardines » Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:11 am

You might be right... but, oooh, multiple psychologists... I hadn't considered that!
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Postby fidelio » Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:40 pm

the psychologist along with the record of misconduct in residence could weigh into parole considerations once the prisoner pipeline stuff gets underway. the tricky bit is figuring out the rule set on why the psychologist would suggest or defer a parole other than the record of misconduct since even in real life psychology is an intensely subjective profession. hmm.
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Postby christhekiller » Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:50 pm

I'm sure they'll become more useful when we start parolling and such.

But aren't all the executive staff kind of useless at the moment besides giving us more information (especially after you get their research unlocks)
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Postby m_wellbring » Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:11 am

I like the idea of getting an assessment from the psychologist, getting things like murderous, violent to the point of irrationality, afraid of dogs, loves fluffy bunnies, is afraid of the toothfairy etc. While keeping the needs as they are now, perhaps add some needs that are invisible until being noticed by the psychologist (these needs would only be had by some prisoners)
Not that every prisoner needs this but you send your more troublesome prisoners there.
Maby add in a meds need for prisoners with disorders etc., that's the kind of hidden need I was thinking of.
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Postby Cooler_sk » Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:43 pm

I like the idea, but i wouldnt like to send prisoners to psychologist to see the needs that right now in game.

As some people suggested - it would be nice addition, if you could do that to see personal traits of certain prisoners by doing thouse "checks".
For example you send them to psychologist, and the info on their traits is added on their prisoner profile, which would be something helpful (not at current state of game, but in future).
By being able to tell what the prisoner likes and doesnt it would be possibe to have more "personal" approach for certain prisoners, as you have to keep many of them happy for years.

These could be, but not limited (just making this up):
Likes/Dislikes to work in Laundry/Cleaning/Workshop/Kitchen (ofcourse there would be neutral points, in which case this wont show up).
Likes/Dislikes watching TV (to place or not place TV in that prisoner cell to keep him happy).
Likes/Dislikes reading (applies as with TVs to bookshelf, maybe a bonus for working in Labrary when thouse come out)
Extra-Tidy preference (runs out of hygiene stat faster then normal prisoners, needs clean clothes more often)
Outdoors/Indoors preference (likes spending time in Yard, as opposed to Common Room, or wise versa)
Fit man (while some are lazy and slackers, these prisoners will need their yard sprinting and weight-lifitng every day, might make prone to abuse of anabolic drugs)
Family guy (requires family visitations every day or so, phones will help, but wont make it completely to keep him happy)
Non-family guy (opposite of the above, this guy will hate seeing his family and probably get unhappy after their visits)
Cleptomaniac (likes stealing things, both from staff and other prisoners if they have anything)
etc.. i could think of more, but leave it to you for now.

Ofcourse this all need to be implimented in game, with alot of other stuff. But i really would like to see more personification of the people (not just prisoners, but staff too) in the game. This one just my opinion and "two cents" of mine.

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