Couple of my suggestions

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Couple of my suggestions

Postby clincha » Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:15 am

Hello All,
Although so many people have put forward ideas I feel obligated to give you all my own. I do not deny some may be a repost but I like all these ideas and the more coverage they get the better. Enjoy...

*Prison Control room- First off the prison control room similar to the security room but from here a controller (a new type of staff) will direct and command all the guards, doors and medical staff.
*Farm- Some hard labour will do them all good. This farm will feed into other buildings or the produce can be sold raw. They can also have fruit trees, and maybe animals.
*Tailors- This room will be a room where you can assign prisoners to make clothes, a more valuable item than number plates but cost more to manufacture. The farm can produce flax for the tailor shop to make into clothes.
*Bakery- Fairly self-explanatory, the bakery will bake bread and either sell it to the market or send it to the kitchen to eat. They can also make nicer things. E.g. cake, lamingtons and deliciousness. There will be a fire chance with the ovens and bread knives as contraband. The farm can make wheat to be pounded and baked.
*A shop- The shop is run by minimum security prisoners only and sits on the road, the prisoners run the shop with help from a shop owner and shop assistants. This room will be a nice way of ensuring cash flow and can sell everything your prison makes.
*Loading Dock- This is a room where all the shipments come in, trucks will reverse into the truck dock, from there loading staff, a new staff, will unload it into storage room.
*Prisoner loading dock- This is almost the same as the loading dock but for prisoners. Prison trucks, another new thing reverses into the dock and drops the prisoners and two outside police, the police will stay until all the prisoners are gone.
*Chapel- Room to satisfy the need for religion, this room needs pews, a lectern and a piano.
*Classroom- Teaches the prisoners how to be good citizens. Reduces sentences and makes them more tolerant of other prisoners.
*Control Room- This acts as the eyes and ears of your prison and will call out to guards and give you options on what to do indirectly. E.g. they ask you if you are willing to accept a couple of overnight visitors from another prison while they do repairs. Alternatively they can direct guards to certain areas of the prison. This is explained in more detail later. (See controller)
*Hallway- This is just to specify the end of other rooms, so that if a door is not in place the deployed guards will not go into that room while deployed into the hallway.

*Mechanical- The normal door that is in the game now, normal price.
*Electric- A door that needs electricity that can be opened from the control room. If the power cuts it will slam, hurting or killing anyone in-between it.
*Mechanical & Electric- This door can be opened by the control panel or can be opened manually by guards should the power go out.
*change to the pathing so that only staff will path find through the staff doors, not prisoners and visitors.
==New Walls==

*Kitchen wall, this wall sits between the kitchen and the canteen allowing the food to be put in from one side and taken out from the other.
*Super strong wall- This wall cannot be tunnelled under or be broken or damaged.

*The normal CCTV can now be altered to not move or only look on a certain angle. However they will not see as far at night.
*Timed- These will come on a different predefined times set by the player
*Sensor camera- These turn on if they have a person in their area.
*Circular cameras- They will highlight a circular area around it, used for the middle of rooms.
*Laser Sensor- These sound an alarm if ANYONE goes through it, even a guard, all the other guards will respond.
*Infrared Sensor- These can look through walls and work at night.

*Controller - Every time s/he gives an order a small box will appear somewhere on the screen looking like this.
The box will also tell you who is en route and will ask you who to dispatch before continuing. It will look something like this.
There will be different colors depending on health of the guard and numbers depicting the distance of the guards. If one is really close, his name will show green and if there are enough officers close enough to the prisoner they will automatically be dispatched. Guards will also now stack up and wait on the required amount of guards before dealing with the situation, for example, if there is a fight between 2 inmates there will be a required amount of 3 guards to respond. The controller will give you a message saying “Code 1, inmates fighting in the Canteen. Bravo two is on scene requesting two officers.” You will then have to designate two guards to join (maybe more if you feel like it) and then press the dispatch button. All the guards that you dispatch will stop what they are doing and will respond (unless they are already responding to another scene). They will then arrive and break up the fight. After the fight breaks up, another box will pop up asking you what you want to do with them, e.g. solitary, lockup or more punishments. When they have been given the punishment they then go to the room and another box will pop up saying “all guards report to infirmary” where they will be healed. Once that is done the controller will also say “doctor requested in solitary 4” then you must dispatch etc.
*Loading Staff- These guys will load and unload trucks from the loading bay to the storage, very cheap, very efficient.
*Hireable Riot Squads- You can buy these guys from the menu; they will not patrol but only respond to fights and riots.
*Maintenance- Fix broken things, maintain pipes, replace old systems.
*Logistics- The life blood, these little guys run supplies around the prison, to where it’s needed.
*Nurse- Cheaper than a doctor but takes twice as long to heal.
*Executioner- This guy only comes around on special occasions and never shows his face, just before he executes someone he stands over the switch and just as he pulls it there is a black screen. The camera pans to the road and a black truck pulls away. You never see anyone die; I know that I am a bit touchy when it comes to death so this could help other players like me.
*Chaplin- simply serves the religious need, works in the chapel.
*search squad- Four guys who remain in the security room doing random searches of cells and look for tunnels.
*teacher- teaches in the classroom.
*Sniper- Takes out a prisoner should he get too close to the edge, one shot to the leg will K.O the prisoner and will need to be taken to the infirmary or he will bleed out and die.
*CSI- These guys need to examine bodies and lockdown fight scenes until they figure out what happened and then the prisoners and the other dead can be taken to wherever they will go eventually.(maybe compost for the farms ;))
*Dogs- Search for drugs, contraband and stop prisoners from fleeing and fighting.

*Darker Grass
*Long grass that can be cut
*Fencing to edge the pathway

*$10,000 loan, interest of $1,000 pay back $100 a day until $11,000 has been paid.
*$50,000 loan, $10,000 interest, pay back $1,000 per day until $60,000 has been payed back
*$100,000 loan, $50,000 interest, payback $5,000 per day until $150,000 has been payed back

==Utility bills==
*Female blocks- Let’s not be sexist gents. A simple art change to some of the characters could suffice, maybe even go deeper and have separate female and male sections.
*Cell block allocation- Cell block A can have particular shifts so that they are asleep during the day and work at night, or even just alternate shower and eating with cell block B. You can also have guards set to particular cell blocks and search squads search certain blocks
*Refusal- Prisoners simply refusing to do work or certain tasks, maybe for a demand. Can be locked up or appealed to.
*Morgue van- Take those bodies away.
*Police deliver prisoners to the prisons or have an office near the prison and ask for you to have some overnight prisoners, for a premium of course…
Thank you so much if you've made it this far. Please comment on what you would like added and I will do my best to edit it in, if I like it :). Also feel very free to argue, these are my ideas and some may sound dumb to you and it’s cool if you want to tell me why you disagree.

*Hallway addition
*Added pictures
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Postby 111none » Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:57 am

I agree +10! You forgot one thing, that was the level of brutality by the guards :)
With the sincerest regards,
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Postby Aryajmarya » Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:18 am

I agree with most of these except the shop. Since I suck at the game, even my min sec prisoners try to escape and walk out, so I don't think a shop run by prisoners would be safe.
Also, for some reason, I can't view the pictures for the controller but from what I read the idea seems pretty cool!
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Postby paktsardines » Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:51 am

I've heard there's a mod that has loans in it.... can't for the life of me remember what it's called. I know the author's a bit of a tool though...
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Postby clincha » Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:43 pm

I've heard there's a mod that has loans in it.... can't for the life of me remember what it's called. I know the author's a bit of a tool though...

Sure, it's nice to have a mod that can introduce loans, but what this is about is for people who want to have loans and other things in the release.
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Postby 4folders » Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:17 pm

Loving the ideas, though because I'm not really squeamish about the idea of executions perhaps there should be an option at the start like the fog of war where you can select whether it has executions shown or not.

Another addition to your ideas could be how you said about longer grass, prisoner could have a gardening shed where there's a couple of lawnmowers thus providing another job. Also if prisoners left the grass too long they could use it to hide and possibly aid escapes or sneak attacks on guards patrolling outside.

A completely new thought could be some prisoners might not want to fight, and if there is a fight they might go and hide or if upset might return to their cell and cry or something, which could enable for mental illnesses to be introduced etc, giving more use for psychiatrist. Plus if there was a sector specially for prisoners with mental disorders, where they might be unpredictable and might need constant supervision.

Gonna stop now because I think the ideas are spiralling into nonsense haha

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