My first functioning prison and a couple of questions/proble

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My first functioning prison and a couple of questions/proble

Postby m_koch » Wed May 15, 2013 10:53 am

I hope this dropbox link works for you...

I got my first prison running quite well, all low risk to get started. No cheating. Here are a couple of problems i've encountered:

- Some Prisoners get stuck in solitary forever:

I don't know what causes this. They just stay in their cell, not moving at all and after a couple of days all their needs are in the red. Is there a way to get rid of them, maybe edit a savefile (where do i find these and how do i do that by the way? I'm new to this :) )

- The prisoners working in the laundry always park the baskets in one of the cells and start delivering uniforms from there.

- Food / number of meals available:

I started with two chefs, which worked perfectly with the 16 prisoners i have for about the first 20 days. Then suddenly they couldn't handle it anymore and didn't get enough meals ready. May this have been due to the fact that i fired one of my 4 workers and the remaining staff couldn't bring in the food quickly enough from the delivery area? After two days of trouble i hired a third chef which solved the problem…

- Workshop / number of metal sheets:

I haven't quite figured this out.
I have 5 saws and 5 presses in my workshop, so i assigned 10 prisoners there. With 10 hrs of work every day, i get very different amounts of cash out of it every day. One day it was around 3.5k, the next with the identical regime it was 4.5k. Then i set it to only 9 hrs and got 3.7k once. Does the number of metal sheets that are delivered every night depend on how much cash i have?

Lower amount of cash at the end of the day -> lower number of metal sheets are delivered -> lower number of plates can be produced -> lower income??

Also, after about 7 hrs of work, half of the prisoners in the ws just stand around doing nothing, while the other half is still working. Is this because there are no more sheets left to work with? Or some kind of bug?

- Cleaning cupboard issues:

When i first assigned prisoners to the cupboard it worked fine on day 1, but after that they just stood there and did nothing at all. I even built a second cleaning room to see if this one would work properly but it didn't. Then hired a janitor and that solved it, the prisoners are now cleaning again. Seems to be a bug.
I assigned 1 prisoner to each cleaning room and it's working fine, although one doesn't even have bleach stored in it. Now that i think of it, no one ever delivered new bleach after i built the cleaning cupboard. Isn't this supposed to be refilled sometimes?

I guess i start over again and try something new, cause in this game starting over is actually fun :D

Thanks for reading
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Postby fat_wilf » Wed May 15, 2013 11:43 am

When prisoners idle in an area they seem to wait in the centre of that area. If it is an unusual shape (such as your cell block) then the centre is often right inside a cell, so this is where they put the laundry basket. Try stationing a guard (without a patrol route) in the cell block, i bet he stands right where the laundry basket is.

Try putting a wall & door in at the top left of the cell block to make it a more rectangular - and therefore the centre being in the corridor rather than on someones bed.

The prisoner cleaning system seems to be bugged, hire a janitor and your cons should start cleaning properly during work time.
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Re: My first functioning prison and a couple of questions/pr

Postby Petrini » Wed May 15, 2013 5:07 pm

m_koch wrote:- The prisoners working in the laundry always park the baskets in one of the cells and start delivering uniforms from there.

The prisoners will allways park the cart at the middle of the cell block, so if you for instance only have cells on one side of a corridor the center spot will most likely be inside a cell at the middle of the coridor. build cells on both sides of the corridor to fix this.
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Postby hassifa » Thu May 16, 2013 1:09 am

In regards to the workshop, i beleive that there is a set amount of metal sheets that are delivered to the workshop every morning. This might be enough for each sawx2 (dont remember too well). During the work hours, when metal sheets are used up, more materials are ordered and a certain cash amount is removed ($3 per sheet, usually orders in groups of 11 ??). Workers / prisoners are then required to get the materials off the truck and to the workshop. This process is what causes the descrepancy in the cash amount at the end of the day. IF the workers are busy doing other things during work hours, than the metal sheets will stay in the delivery zone, cutting off the amount of plates that are made at the end of the day.

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