[SUGGESTION] Parole, Release and Death Row.

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[SUGGESTION] Parole, Release and Death Row.

Postby phoenixcrow » Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:29 pm

Just started playing PA. Got a prison up and running with no major incidents for a while. Then I realized all these guys are in for life, that doesn't make sense to me.

So I got the idea that why not let prisoners out on good behavior, and more government funding for more prisoners out on parole. But if they get into trouble while on parole you lose money (lawyer costs perhaps?) and they get sent back.
It would work something like this:
A prisoner is randomly selected for parole (only ones that been there "for a time").
You are given there rap sheet along with what they have done in prison (fighting, rioting, contrabands, snitching, ext), the worse there rap sheet/stuff they did in prison the higher the chance they will do something bad on parole.
You can ether accept or deny there parole.
If you accept you are given the option to pick how long they are out for (longer the more chances they get into trouble, but get more money).
If you deny they get a bit agitated and stay in prison.

Release is pretty simple, depending on there rap sheet they will stay X amount of days. Doing bad things in prison will add Y to X amount of days. Doing good things will subtract Y to X amount of days. The prisoner released have a chance of returning though.

Death row would be of a rare event. Before your next prisoner drop off you get a call from the CEO telling you there will be someone in the next shipment that needs to be executed in X amount of days. You need to be ready in time, if you are not you will be penalized for each day you are not, but you will gain money for things going smoothly.
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Postby soul_rever38 » Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:44 pm

I like your ideas on parole, would be very interesting to see that implemented into the game and to see how prisoners will do good acts which will lower the time they have to spend in prison
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Postby dempom » Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:25 pm

Seeing that lawyers are present it does seem like they are planning on implementing some kind of release system. I like the option of encouraging rehabilitation.

From a role playing perspective, actual prisons make money by having prisoners who DO NOT get released.

From a game play perspective, how do you give incentives to reduce sentence length via good behavior and rehabiliation while still making it a choice? IE, players should have a choice whether they run a harsh human farm prison or one that actively tries to rehabilitate and release.
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Postby Baron von Eptastic » Wed Jan 30, 2013 1:03 pm

This could definitely turn into a whole thing...

As far as how to make it gameplay-friendly, here's how I see it:

You get paid $200 per day, per prisoner that you have in your jail. If a prisoner is paroled, you still make that money for the remainder of their sentence - but you're also accepting the risk of them repeat-offending or skipping parole. If either happens, it will cost you some cash. The prisoner is then returned to the prison to serve the remainder of their sentence.

Of course, this pre-supposes that a sentencing system is in place where every prisoner that comes into your jail has X number of days that they're supposed to be in jail. Perhaps every prisoner is put up for parole after 1/2 of their sentence, and you must approve/deny each parole request manually? If a prisoner reaches the end of their sentence, and is released - you get a nice little chunk of change as a reward ($1000? $2000?), but lose the additional $200 a day.

If you have a psychologist, you will get an indication as to how likely the prisoner in question is to break their parole in the parole report. If you have a lawyer, the penalties for them actually breaking parole are reduced (researchable to bring the penalty down further).

This means that an architect who paroles prisoners smartly could, theoretically, have some of their population out on parole and still have them make money. If they were intelligent about who they parole, they would never see their paroled prisoners again, and would make the 'reward' when their sentence is finished.

[edit] Welp, literally, as I was typing this Alpha 6 came out with sentence lengths! Parole was also mentioned, so go figure! [/edit]
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Postby hurrimark » Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:26 pm

Sounds like some excellent ideas to me. We definatley need a parole/execution system as well as the increase in prisoner relations and interaction.

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