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Postby dc4bs » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:13 am

Check Six wrote:<... snip ...>
dc4bs, that sounds like a really good system for controlling your entrance/exit/delivery area with separate canteen and workshop entrances, allowing for the main users of the delivery area to enter and exit quickly.

Is there any chance you could post a screenshot detailing the entry to your prison for us (with a bit of kitchen and workshop showing us how it works)?

I'll try to remember to post one when I get home later tonight. When I posted the text above, it was only a 2 day old prison with mostly just planning tool marks based a lot on my A11 prison but with lots of tweaks/improvements. First prisoners arrived 8 AM day 4... Took a while to prebuild everything I needed for the basic start up of the prison as it was all quite spread out and slow for the workers to carry the supplies all the way to the build sites.

Now the whole East side and most of the "middle" of the prison is complete. Mostly hammering on building more cell blocks on the West side now to get more prisoners for the workshops.

I've built it using 2 "cheats". Editing the number of incoming prisoners (only to get more, never less). And the additional grants mod just to speed up the game by injecting cash faster.

EDIT: OK. just published this prison as A12 65k per day income

1: It currently makes WAY more food than needed but that's for the remaining 3 or 4 cell blocks that have not yet been built.
2: Always have about 10k cash when work starts to pay for all the sheet steel through the day.
3A: It's best to make saves at about 5 minutes before 6 AM, 5 min before work or right before lights out to avoid "violent load syndrome"...
3B: NEVER save after midnight. It's worse than feeding them...

Have fun playing around with the 3 gate design of this and post back any improvements you come up with. ;)

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