Current Suggestions Compilation List

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Current Suggestions Compilation List

Postby koshensky » Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:29 am

Today, I went through the forum and compiled a list of all the suggestions to date, as there are many times that you want to see what has already been thought of, as well as if something you've thought of has been mentioned already. 13 pages of forum is already too long for people to quickly skim through to look for interesting things they might have missed and wanted to discuss, so look here to see if something catches your eye or has been mentioned before, and if not - go ahead and start a new suggestion thread :D

For the most part, I attempted to separate them out into their distinctive areas, ignored duplicates and for any ideas that had a lot of information or discussion surrounding them - links to the thread have been included. Many have been suggested more than once, some were met well, others not so much but I've put them in here regardless.

Please don't use this thread as a place to put new ideas, continue to do that on the forums as per normal otherwise they'll just get lost and not discussed properly, which would be a shame. This is just an overview of what's currently on the forums and I'll attempt to keep it as up to date as possible (I'll also make it into a wiki page at some point to make it easier to keep up to date and visible)

Current Trends:

- Bring back some purpose for Holding Cells.
- Allow Cloning from the very beginning.
- Faster speed controls.
- More limited regime to prevent "FreeTime" play.

- Last-searched timer on prisoners
- Bring high-profile prisoners into the prison. Gets extra cash, but has a bad influence on other prisoners.
- Prisoners with special attributes. The Boxer - fighting, The Dictator - charismatic, The Magician - escaping.
- Prison sentences, so that eventually prisoners will be released (good behaviour reduces sentence length)
- Isolation blocks. To keep at-risk prisoners separate from the rest of the population.
- Employment. Give prisoners jobs to do around the prison (hard labour, kitchen duty, work in the library etc.) to earn privileges.
- Prisoner 'types', that gives the prisoner some individuality and different characteristics. Gamblers, junkies, drug dealers, fixers etc.
- Female prisoners. Be they in separate wings, separate prisons or mixed.
- Some form of ranking. Better behaved prisoners have a better ranking and get given preferential treatment (nicer cells, more bacon etc.)
- Work towards rehabilitation for the prisoners. You get a bonus after x-days if they don't re-offend.
- Potential for food poisoning.
- Regime shifts, to allow for things like showers and feeding to be done in groups rather than all at once (a bit like cell blocks).
- Experience. Prisoners who spend longer in prison get experience and can cope better with situations & have a higher social standing. Eventually, a prisoner becomes institutionalised.
- Prisoners go out scouting, and make maps of the prison in order to facilitate escape attempts.
- Dropping the soap in the showers.
- Prisoners who are extremely depressed commit suicide.
- Social interaction between prisoners and guards. Friendships with certain guards?
- Prisoners convicted of Computer Crimes can hack into your security and mess with doors and cameras etc.
- Snitches give you access to deeper prisoner information.
- Once a prisoner has showered / eaten, they should leave the room and have free-time.
- Sneaking into the kitchen for food (rather than just contraband)
- More information regarding their background, what their crime was etc. Different crimes, different behaviour.
- Led into prison in a single file line, rather than individually.
- Prisoners clang cups against the railings / radiators to talk to one another or to cover up a commotion.
- Detailed prisoner stat sheet (no. times stabbed, total contraband, length of stay etc.)
- Allow prisoners to sleep irrespective of their needs (an intelligent approach to what needs they can resolve in their current location)
- Roll call.
- Ability to sleep anywhere, with reduced comfort and relaxation depending on them being in a bed / on a bench / on the floor.
- Lights influencing prisoner sleeping habits, finding it easier to sleep when it's dark.

- Change timers on staff members. Janitors should be quicker to hire than Doctors.
- Shake downs on prisoner cells, as well as entire cell blocks - perhaps during lock down prison guards go and clear the prison of contraband.
- Guard idle position. When a guard has finished his duties (i.e. search a prisoner) he returns to his station.
- Give gardeners / janitors zones to work in, rather than all of them clumping together.
- Allow bribery and corruption to take place with the staff / inversely also have the option for particular staff members to be extra-vigilant to combat this.
- Reallocate jobs based on the worker's proximity to the task, rather than assigning it all at once to everybody regardless of position in prison.
- Speed up cleaning time for trays.
- Option to hire different quality cooks in order to provide better / worse food for the prisoners.
- Pick the staff member you want to hire (like Theme Hospital), and each one has different skill levels.
- Staff happiness levels, requiring you to give them nicer rooms or pay rises else they'll strike.
- Add dogs as 'staff', to help patrol an area, capture escaping criminals and do contraband searches.
- Staff rooms, so that staff members can rest and recuperate.
- Warden patrols through the prison, giving a boost to staff proficiency in his presence.
- Prison chaplains to be added.
- Reject prisoners who wait at Staff Only doors, or call a guard to dispose of them.
- Guards automatically relocate depending on the schedule of the prison.
- Actually use furniture in their offices.
- Cooks provide different food depending on time of day.
- Staff should arrive by bus, rather than just appearing with a mouse click.
- Staff groupings. To allow for jobs to be assigned to 'Group 1' and allow for separation of large tasks between workers (i.e. one worker builds the fence whilst everybody else manages the prison).
- Staff priorities over certain events (i.e. Guards stopping an escaping prisoner before dealing with contraband / doctor prioritising guards over prisoners)
- Severance pay, to prevent players constantly hiring and firing workers.

- Contextual menus for objects and décor separated by room type.
- Airlock-style door linking, where Door1 can only be opened when Door2 is closed. (perhaps a room-type that requires 2 doors and a camera)
- Make doors electric (with a manual override, in case the power gets cut)
- Have a processing cell when prisoners first arrive, and save holding cells for Lock downs.
- Staff-Only areas as opposed to just Staff-Only doors - extended to include additional area permissions.
- Special cells for unique prisoners. I.e. Hannibal Lecter.
- Some form of ranking to determine cell quality. Nicer cells get given to nicer prisoners.
- Electric fences (requiring electricity to be connected to them).
- More room types (visitor area, classrooms etc.)
- Sewers, to take the waste water away from toilets and showers. Downside being that prisoners could escape through them if planned badly.
- Air ducts that prisoners can escape through.
- Maintenance levels underneath foundations with access hatches that prisoners can escape into and out of to get to different areas of the prison.
- Prison shop, where prisoners can spend money to get cigarettes and toilet roll etc.
- Watch towers around the perimeter of the prison with spotlights to stop night time escapes.
- Room for prisoners to talk to their lawyer.
- Prisoner intake area, for prisoners to securely enter the prison without being deposited on the street.
- Library
- Graveyard for burying dead prisoners
- Add laundries into the game, either with new staff or with prisoners working in them. Comfort level increases when clothes are clean.
- Maps should have different terrain in them. lakes, rivers, mountains etc. Perhaps procedurally generated.
- Quarries should be added, giving prisoners something to do (hard labour) whilst adding new terrain challenges.
- Diagonals, to allow for more customisability and aesthetics with regards to objects and walls.
- Curving tool, to allow the option of rounded walls.
- Execution viewing room, for victim families and various VIPs.
- Armoury.
- Prison farms.
- Tents / prefab buildings for lesser quality-buildings, earlier on in the game.
- Dormitories, to act as cells for low-security prisoners, but with bed & locker requirements (one each per prisoner)

Game as a whole:
- Cell Blocks. Ability to set different regimes to share resources, or to have entirely separate rooms of their own.
- Cell block gangs that will fight if brough into contact with opposing gangs.
- Debug menu to see an overview
- Cheat options (all grants, cash, no water requirements etc.)
- Z-levels, both above and below ground.
- More detailed tool tips, to give us an idea what an object does and how it works instead of just what it is.
- Flexibility for different prison types. From gritty, tough prisons with malnourishment and huge bunk-rooms, to nicer prisons with good healthcare and individual cells.
- VIP visitors / film crews / prison inspectors coming to look at the prison and the prisoners.
- Research department, looking into food, items, technology etc. Giving the architect more to do when they've finished building the walls.
- Deeper control of when lights, doors, cameras etc. get turned on and off.
- Allow custom punishment for infractions.
- Include people breaking into prison in order to break prisoners out.
- Conjugal visits and special rooms that prisoners can hire in order to have some privacy.
- Electricity should be more realistic, with transformers and sub stations (much like water - large pipe, small pipe).
- Generators should be shut down before work can be done to the grid.
- Boilers and heating for both water and rooms.
- Utility toggle, to allow for easier placement of different utilities - also allows us to dismantle only electric cable when both electric and water share a square.
- Different climates for prisons, including different environmental challenges depending on locations.
- Natural disasters and Random events that can ruin food deliveries or damage parts of the prison.
- Fog of war. Guards, staff and CCTV being the only ways that all of the prison can be monitored at once.
- Maps. Allowing for prisons in different geographical context i.e. standard deserted area, city prison, Alcatraz island etc.
- Days of the week, with certain events only happening on certain days.
- Weather effects changing the mentality of the prisoners (stay inside when raining, prisoners more angry when hot etc.)
- Different types of execution, other than electric chair. Lethal injection, firing squad etc.
- Require electricity for TV and Metal detectors (and anything else that would need electricity but doesn't currently)
- Diseases that force prisoners to go and see the doctor, perhaps contagious.
- Location-based injuries. I.e. splints or crutches if stabbed in the arm/leg, or a head-bandage if knocked out.
- Reputation system for the prison, with conditions, executions etc. all having an impact on your rating.
- Background music.
- Orderable job list, to allow priorities to be assigned to tasks.
- Ability to sell prisons. Perhaps as part of a campaign mode to develop a prison to a point at which you can sell it to progress onto a bigger and better one.
- Greater increase in local crime brings more prisoners to cope. Prisoners might already know other prisoners.
- Completion reward for grants, as well as a penalty for failing to complete them within a given timeframe.
- More bacon.

- Fire Extinguishers. If there's a fire, a staff member or prisoner could immediately grab it and deal with the situation before it gets out of control.
- Inserting a PA system (imagine the tannoy in Theme Hospital)
- Bunk beds to allow 2 prisoners per cell.
- Separate the kitchen from the canteen by having serving tables as impassable. Staff put food on from behind, prisoners pick it up from the front.
- Alphabetize items to make it easier to find.
- Tazers. Probably just for riot guards, as normal guards are too easy to steal from.
- Floodlights
- Basketball court
- Radios (decrease boredom)
- Alarm buttons that guards can trigger for an immediate lock down.
- Drugs. Count as contraband, but have an effect on the prisoner's behaviour.
- Buckets, as an alternative for toilets for use in harsher prisons.
- Infra-Red cameras, for heat tracking

- Different font sizes for bigger screens
- Confirmation dialogues on important decisions (sacking staff, starting a new game etc.)
- Edge of map scrolling
- Tool tip delay or allow tool tips to be docked into the HUD.
- Better contrast between green foundations and white prices.
- Keep the dimensions of build-objects on-screen rather than in the middle of the object (if zoomed in, it's easy for the middle to be off-screen).
- Cells should have some kind of identifier to distinguish which ones are in use and which ones are empty.

- Trackpad and Trackball controls (no middle button)
- ESC should pause the game, as well as bring up the menu.
- Zoom in on mouse position rather than center of map
- Dragging regime changes rather than manually clicking each one.
- Holding shift whilst panning acts as a speed-bost
- Right clicking an injured inmate should dispatch a doctor

Keyboard Shortcuts:
- Rotating objects
- Zooming in / out
- Staff members (Press 'G' for the closest guard)
- Time controls

- Architect tool, to allow for future-planning of prison prior to building foundations.
- Just build the concrete floor - without lights or walls
- Foundations built without the requirements of a door
- Allow overlaps, to increase the size (from 10 x 10 to 12 x 12)
- Enable blueprints to be cancelled

- Faster time compression
- Warp speed (something like 50x speed, automatically slowed down when events happen)
- Time compression should drastically change the background sounds.

- Roadmap of future updates and what you're looking at implementing next.
- Blog to indicate what you've been working on today / this week.
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Postby ronanc » Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:40 am

Fantastic work. And funnily enough I was going to compile a list myself. Glad you got in here before I started!
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Postby Guvnor » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:20 am

Very very very very nice!
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Postby paktsardines » Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:30 am

Can I suggest that the problem isn't that there's 13 pages of fprums, as the search will take you straight to the thread that discusses the keyword. The problem is that multiple suggestions are pasted iunder the one thread.

For example, if I want to know if anyone's suggested stuff about a parole system, I would search for (all the words) "sugg parole system". The first hit is a link to a sticky suggestion compilation. There is no way I'm giong to trawl through a further 10 pages of irrelevant replies to find that post and determine if it covers my suggestion.

That is why I think suggestions should go in their own thread.

in fact.... I'll do that now.

ps: at least two of my suggestions have been missed (variable/procedural terrain, and staff arriving by bus). So has the post about setting the whole thing in space. I think all suggestions should be listed, whether agreed with or not.
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Postby SuperVGA » Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:41 am

Cool: Short and tidy.

Could you add my "quarry / quarries" idea to the list, though? Perhaps after the Employment bit?
Since it's sort of an employment thing, but rocks also form a map feature...
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Postby koshensky » Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:50 am

Good point, I'll add those now.

It's important to note that I largely skipped any bug reports, because they've already been dealt with elsewhere - so any suggestions made in those will have been missed, although any of the ones I could think of had also been mentioned elsewhere too.
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Postby Causeless » Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:53 pm

You should colour confirmed features green, if you know which of them may be.
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Postby Chris » Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:31 am

Fantastic work guys, thank you very much for organising this. Keep this list updated and it will be invaluable to us at Introversion.
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Postby thekev506 » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:09 pm

Hell of a job, well done!
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Postby Ischy1982 » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:36 pm

Really good and i hope, that a lot of this would find his way into the game. I like PA, because, its a "simple" graphic game with a fine "story"
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Postby Alewx » Sat Oct 13, 2012 9:03 am

Hey All,
great game and great Community.
I spend the whole night playing PA, and have a suggestion for an easy implementable feature.
-Starting difficulty, easy mode: doubling the money at the beginning, normal mode: starting with the current money value.
To give new players the Chance to get Into this cool game without wasting 30 prisons because they run out of money before having the basics up.
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Postby Radon » Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:40 pm

Great list, found many things i wanted to write on it. Gangs and Prisoner exp are among my biggest requests. I´ed also love to see corruption among you staff (as in guard inmate relationship)... maybe wage related if given the option to control it? (sames goes for other stuff that keeps the crowd happy but costs money, like food quality in the Catina)

- Roadmap of future updates and what you're looking at implementing next.

I´ed love to get an E-Mail wen a new version i released as long as there is no auto updater (which i guess will be a while, if ever). I can imagine people stop plaing the alpha (game crashes, lack of balance) and just will forget checking the wiki/forum if there is a new download.
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Postby koshensky » Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:35 am

I'm going to reiterate my request for people to not discuss suggestions in this thread. Every single one of these ideas has been discussed in the forums and either has a thread of its own or is part of a larger discussion. If you have something to add to the discussion it should be done there otherwise your thoughts (and your support) will go unnoticed.

Also, editing the list on my phone is a pain in the ass, so I'll update it tomorrow with all the new and exciting ideas :D
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Postby madcow » Mon Oct 15, 2012 4:16 pm

I posted something about prisoner aggressive/passiveness that I think would be a great addition. Basically it has to do with prisoners bullying each other - aggressive prisoners being more likely to bully other prisoners. (Limited food? aggressive prisoners bully the passive ones into leaving rather than a first come first serve basis. aggressive prisoners more likely to have a fit or start a fight, etc)

It's my pair of posts towards the end of this thread ... .php?t=551 (not sure how to link to a specific post in a thread).
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Postby Bedders » Wed Oct 17, 2012 6:54 pm

Very nice list, and glad to see it's being updated :D Excellent work koshensky!

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