[Code] Prison Architect LINQ

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[Code] Prison Architect LINQ

Postby mizipzor » Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:42 pm

As soon as I learned that the save files are text based and wide open to editing I started writing a parser for it.

What I want to do is represent the content of the file as proper objects. Having that, it will be easy to write reusable LINQ queries and expressions against everything stored there. This will make it easy to create a tool with one-click-to-fix buttons, for example for getting stuck prisoners unstuck. The pipe dream is obviously a full blown map editor.

It can currently only parse cells (not the room Cell but the tiles/squares on the map). All other lines are simply echoed. I'll continue when I get home, now I need to write some code that I'm paid to write.

Any .Net coders out there?


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