Prisoner Intake Never ending?

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Postby georgetownhoya » Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:22 pm

MadJax wrote:I believe Chris or someone actually said this was a planned feature (Chapels and Education I mean), rehabilitation on the other hand I've not read/heard anything about yet, and sounds like a good idea :)

Idea for a cool rehabilitation mechanic: Many parole boards release prisoners early for "good behavior." If prison architects design good rehabilitation programs, prisoners will be less violent and therefore be more likely to get time off for good behavior, and leave the prison at a good rate --- freeing up vital space for new inmates.

That said, I really hope IV doesn't go overboard with "rehabilitation." Sure, many prisons have work programs and groups designed to help prisoners learn how to cope with anger management/emotional issues, and I completely courage the game featuring these programs and offering benefits to them. But that shouldn't be our main job and it shouldn't always be clear who's rehabilitated and who isn't.
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Postby iheartpie » Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:09 pm

But that shouldn't be our main job

It depends on the kind of prison. Unless it's a high-security, long-jail term prison, then rehabilitation IS the main priority. You'll be releasing these people back into society - dehumanising them isn't a great reintegration technique :)

But of course there are many kinds of prison - in Scandinavia it's ALL about rehabilitation, in the US it's about getting as many people through the labour camps as possible (workshops I assume), in many countries it's an undefined mix of punishment and rehabilitation. Ultimately it should be about choice and I think the game will (and already does to an extent) provide that choice, but for me rehabilitating prisoners is a far greater challenge and far more interesting than just making sure they're fed and watered.

Your parole board suggestion is solid though - you wouldn't have to add much more to that - maybe just more good behavior time for spending time in a library etc. Or as I suggested in another thread how rehabilitated your prisoners are could affect future influx, i.e. if you're not fixing them, they'll just end up coming back - otherwise your numbers will slowly decrease over time because you're doing a good job at reintegrating criminals back into society.

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Postby FenrirsVice » Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:32 am

I would be ok with non stop prisoners if multiple Z levels were added, so i can have more stories of shit hitting the fan

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