No intake, Staff won't eat?

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No intake, Staff won't eat?

Postby AztecUK » Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:16 pm

I decided to try new Vanilla prison and came cross same staff are 'unhappy' issue, I like to just get stuck in and play... well for me I noticed despite any intake I set I could not get new prisoners... I decided to try some mutators one of which is the Fast tree grow mode... yes after an hour, I redid my delivery, export and garbage zones with stone floor.... immediately it fixed all my issues.... This may be helpful to someone else but with PA just click change, tweak and playabout yourself... I am playing with beta vanilla prison for fun and if it burns down who cares?

As a fellow programmer I understand how complex this game is... I wrote a Save Game Editor recently found here:-

I understood a lot about game and save games after this and was determined to get this beta prison tested, sadly I forced all available and max security so I got well happy staff but god knows what will happen now lol!!!

Just enjoy the game, best laugh I had was when I accidently put Shower Heads instead of Sprinklers all over the prison... That was interesting lol

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