Issues with Multiplayer

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Issues with Multiplayer

Postby Its_Demi » Fri Sep 21, 2018 6:13 pm

Currently I feel like multiplayer is great and is very entertaining to play with friends. I know the future plans to allow players to access the Host only Tabs, Graphs, ect. Yet I feel like my only major issue with it is the connection issues. Constantly losing connection to my friends game is very annoying and not being able to join from the main menu even after a few attempts makes it very frustrating. If the plan for servers for MP aren't going to be more accessible for players outside the UK/Europe region, should be a "Join Local" option this allowing players use applications like Hamachi to connect to each other allowing a stronger connect to players through the hosts internet. Not being able to play on a stable connection lowers the game experience constantly having to reconnect to the server and even not being able to connect to the server for anywhere between 3-8 tries. This should be the first thing taken care of with future updated. (Hopefully sooner than later, not a Winter Update)

Another thing that is slightly annoying is only the host can see the Clock Speeds highlight. When playing with 3-4 friends one is always asking, "speed it up" even when its already at 3x.

It would also be nice to able to view the tabs such as; Logistics, Deployment, Intelligence and Reports (and each tab within Reports). Even if you cant change anything just be able to visually see whats going on within the prison.
The planning tab the host should be able to allow players to be able to delete plans that a player has put down. The options could be; None, Personal, All. Making it to where the guest player can not delete any plans placed, Only his/her own, or All placed by any player. With Default set to None.

Now for some Bugs that i have encountered.

-With fog of war on. if not the host randomly once you have gained vision of an area you with permanently receive the vision that should be shrouded in the fog of war.
-The Power station. If not host you can not see how much energy the power station is taking up.
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Re: Issues with Multiplayer

Postby Tacoman4737 » Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:47 pm

All of this stuff does need to be addressed for the multiplayer mode to become properly playable.

I think the biggest issue with the multiplayer mode in its current condition is the inability for everyone to see the report screen.
This limits the amount of stuff the other players can do in the game and not being able to do any of it is a real drawback to the multiplayer which takes away from the fun of the mode.

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