Complaint: people not wanting to take workshop educatiom

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Complaint: people not wanting to take workshop educatiom

Postby BoneyZoney » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:05 pm

So i have this big ass prison right? I've got maybe 300 prisoners, 200 normal, bout 40 min, bout 50 max, and 10 protective and supermax, this is all good but i got one question

Why the goddamn do so few people want to take workshop education courses?
Its so bloody annoying when i've built these 12 wide by 9 tall workshops filled with all these wonderful saws and presses and tables. but these ungrateful bastards don't want to do any of that, noo, instead, i've got about 50 people intrested in education courses and about 5 of them pass!

Look, i love this game to bits right, its a Banger but, if your not gonna let me perform acts of prison labour on these sons-of bitches, then im no happy camper no siree

TLDR: ump up the amount of interest in workshop courses please, i want to make moar liscence plates :cry:

P.S: same thing with the second level carpenter apprenticeship thingy

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