Multiplayer... Build this and take ALL MY MONEYS

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Multiplayer... Build this and take ALL MY MONEYS

Postby Gangrene » Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:43 pm

Multiplayer... THIS! Well, not exactly this... I see what was on my dream list. Not really looking for co-op.

Here is the mode we need. 1 player is the warden... other players are all prisoners. That would be fun for a huge MMO type of game. or king of the prison type of thing. Lots of potential there. That'd be good, but this is the LEVEL 2 stuff we need to get to...

8 players, no problem! One player is the warden, the other players are gang leaders out to win the game!. Each player is in a different gang. You recruit other members, like in break out mode, and can switch between them. Every gang is out to eliminate the other gangs... take over the prison, cause a riot and shut the prison down, or get out of the prison. Gangs can team up, verbally(discord or whatever) to take out stronger gangs holding important parts of the prison. Meanwhile the warden is trying to keep the peace and keep from getting his prison shut down. There is SO MUCH potential to such a multiplayer game. I'd buy copies of this game for my friends! Fog of war and your gangs vision grows with more members. You figure out a way to include voice chat where two players' prison characters can meet up and talk to one another(sound radius), but no one hears it including the warden, unless he's got a snitch that's close!... Maybe guards, as players(5 gangs, 1 warden, 2 guards?), and they can also get paid off to help one of the gangs. Give the warden vision like warden mode(FOW), but he can build the camera system and if he's looking at it(the monitor screens) he can see all the cameras at the same time. Man, so many fun things you could do with your friends in a game like that. Gangs get money, pay people to join, sell drugs to addicts for cash, some kind of jail economy. The possibilities are endless. Maybe the gangs are out to kill the warden, but because of fog of war he has to move about the prison to make things happen and expand.

Maybe there are 100's of prisoners, but 7 are the players and the warden can't tell them apart, has limited FOW for observing, and they, like before, are gang leaders, invisible gangs... can't tell who's in or out(members), the player can switch control between them. So the warden can't just throw someone in solitary... that might just be a bot, you can't tell... but the warden has snitches and he become those snitches. The warden is trying to get all the players locked down and figure out who they are. If they can eliminate all of the players the warden wins, but if a player kills the warden they win. Maybe the player can't switch members while in cuffs and if that player lands in solitary, they're out... or maybe there is only "X" number of solitary cells.

You make a new game around multiplayer concepts like this with better graphics in "Prison Architect 2"... I'll throw the $60, tier I title money down on that game. Chris, I know you want to make those other games, but this is what I want to see and this could be THE next fun multiplayer game everyone's out to get. Just tell Mark we'll give him money. I think he's the money talks kind of guy.

I like this warden + snitches(1 player) vs. players(7) mechanic... trying to find members of the group who are out to see him dead. Players look like ordinary prisoners and try to blend in, can even have the AI control their guy, but at times they run around to do stuff as happens in the game(gather weapons and such). Kill a guard, grab a gun, get a key, but if that coup fails many players may be "outed". If the warden is in the body of a snitch(who the players can tell it's the warden either) see them running around in a obvious player kind of way the jig is up and he can toss that player in solitary, basically taking them out of the conspiracy to kill the warden. Players can find snitches too and take them out when the warden isn't in that person(they think) and give him one less prisoner to manipulate... unless he brings another prisoner to his office to have that one become a snitch. Hope it's not a player though because they could "come alive" and kill the warden.

Thanks! So many ideas, so much potential!

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