Warden Bug: Can't cycle between items

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Warden Bug: Can't cycle between items

Postby abstractoak » Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:01 am

Can't cycle between items while playing in warden mode. Bug: Tab binding

For example, if I build a drain, shower, toilet, and sprinkler over one tile, then decide to dismantle everything but the toilet, there's no easy way to do so. Using tab only cycles between warden self defense mode and standard mode, and doesn't cycle between items your mouse is hovering over, despite the tool tip saying you can. Either change the tool tip (if you don't care about this functionality) or change one of the key bindings (caps lock would be an appropriate alternative), or let us change the key bindings our self (and have to change all the tool tips to reflect key binding changes made the user? sounds like work I'd hire an intern to do). In my 250 man prison, the only option is to dismantle all 250 tiles using the dismantle tool, wait for all 1,000 items to be dismantled, then reinstall 250 toilets.

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