Rotatable items, please fix them.

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Rotatable items, please fix them.

Postby Materia » Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:16 am

I have 81 hours in the game, but I spent most of it in the planning mode. I quite often quit, and then after some time get back, to see if something changed.

Lack of rotatable items does bother me.

Why some of them rotate 360, while for example ironing board has only two possible variants, top-to-bottom + left-to-right? I always build everything symmetrcial, etc. Something like that. I need to have a possibility to place every single item in all 4 directions.

I know there is a mod that fixes sprites, because that does bother me too, that rotating some, makes them crooked.

What about the ironing board? I checked the mods, couldn't find one, that would fix the non rotatable objects.

I would really like to see that fixed, instead of newer updates.

I also need a lamp that you could put on two squares, but it would be exactly between them, aesthetically speaking, it would look way better than two next to each other.

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