Prison Architect online???

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Prison Architect online???

Postby Noah_dk1 » Sat May 19, 2018 3:11 pm

Could anyone make a online mod, or online tab in the game, where one of the players is leading and building the prisson like in normal Prison Architect, but there can also be up to 10 friends plaing in the same prison, but plaing the escape mode, while you are on as cop. If uou guys knowh what i mean... Like One is building and rule the prison as normal, while 10 other players are in escape mode in the same prison, in the same time. Ai is also able to be in the prison. You can't see the difrence from Ai to Multiplayer. So its a little dificult to just hold the multiplayer prisoners in one cell. You can also open the tab, and change the security for the players, and send them to solitary etc.

That would be so fkn nice! Dont knowh how to mod, or create a game, but if I could, i'd made the mod!

Hope this would be to something, as I think it's a very good idea...

- Noah_dk1

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