5 things I want for the next update

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5 things I want for the next update

Postby cmygqz » Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:04 pm

These are things I encountered, but I really wish the next update can fix/have these.
1. the ability to rotate a duplicated area.
When I duplicate, I can't spin it. I don't really know why, but I just can't.
2. the ability to move an entire area/building
As a perfectionist, I'm extremely mad when some of my rooms are 1 tiles away from the center. All I need is to move the entire thing 1 tile, but all I can find is destroy everything and rebuild it.
3. make a different removing for wires and pipes.
I always have to remove my wires when I build a new power station, however, every time I am forced to also remove the pipes in the same area, very annoying.
4. an option for supply truck to go faster or use money to call for more supply truck.
When I run a huge prison, and have a lot of garbage and exports, there aren't enough supply truck. There should be an option, either through money or have a larger area of export/garbage. We can have more trucks if we have a larger deliveries area, but that's only applicable when we need more deliveries, not when we need the trucks to carry thing from us.
5. the option to assign different cooks/medics to each kitchen/infirmary.
This should have been an option for a long time. It's extremely annoying to see two kitchens with the same size have different number of cooks.

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