Staff Not Using Nearest Facilities

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Staff Not Using Nearest Facilities

Postby Severon » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:34 pm


So back in October and it's still a current issue, but I've found that the Staff will use any random staff rooms or canteens to fulfill their needs as opposed to the nearest one that I built for them. I typically build very large prisons, and on the outskirts of the perimeter walls I put in a staff room, with toilets, serving tables and a kennel etc. As well as a general staff room closer to the centre of the prison where the admin will usually be.
However I've seen that Staff will decide they want to sit on a sofa, on the far side of the prison, bypassing 2 maybe 3 staff rooms.
I have then seen that Staff will go to fulfill their Bladder need, walk all the way across to use the toilet, again by passing 2 or 3 staff designated toilets. Then once they finish, they go to fulfill their Bowels need immediately afterwards. But instead of using the toilet they've just used, they'll walk all the way across to the other side of the prison.

This is inordinate amount of time wasted, resulting in having to hire even more guards just to offset the amount of time wasted.

There must be a fix to this, or a mod that alleviates this.

I can't of been the only one that's noticed this, but I get so few search results with this behaviour. Anything to do with Staff AI is almost always about the Canteen and food trays. Please post if you have had similar behaviour as I really would like this to be highlighted by the dev's as I would like to start playing again, and with Staff Needs on, but this is game breaking for me.

Below is the Save that should hopefully duplicate the bug (Hopefully it will help the dev's or a modder). ... 1324645049
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Re: Staff Not Using Nearest Facilities

Postby edeca » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:02 am

I'm having exactly the same problem. I have a save game which illustrates this with a guard.

I have a medium size layout in Prison Architect, an image is here. There are three staff rooms.

A guard at location (1) in the diagram needs a break and toilets. The nearest staff room is at location (2).

However, the guard seems to make their way to location (3) instead. They use a toilet. The game immediately decides they need the toilet again. Instead of returning to the nearest toilet they move to location (4) to use another.

This is repeatable. Load the save game, the guard will either move to (3) or (4) before needing the toilet again. There are multiple working toilets at location (2) which are unoccupied.

It seems that path finding for staff members is inefficient, at least for staff rooms.

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