More planning options PLEASE

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More planning options PLEASE

Postby dnecro » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:03 am

i just hate when you plan something, then realize you want to shift it over a couple squares, but you have to totally start over. Same if you want to rotate it 90 degrees, or move a room to a different area. some cut/copy/paste features would be super nice. Also, I'd really like to be able to save selections into a tab on the notebook. (think subassemblys if you are familiar with KSP. for example, I'd like to design a generic 20 unit "cell block" plan and just save that, and be able to paste the plan onto my currect prison. (im not talking about the clone feature, just planning)

it would be great to just pre-build a variety of canteens and kitchens and name them things like "seats 48" or "feeds 50 w/8cooks". I could easily design a universal "admin center" that could start with basics and be expandable to include every needed office. Being able to just re-use these predesigned modules would go a long way toward making workflow effiecient and speeding up the "fun" parts of gameplay. right now the planning mode just really feels tedious and lacking in features.

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